So as you all know we are Lauren and Jess, we met around 2015 through our husbands careers and have been inseparable ever since. Through these years our families have grown (Jess has 4 children now and Lauren has 1 daughter) and so has our love for anything sleep related. Separately we have dealt with A LOT of bedtime battles and therefor turned to research and trial of many different styles and techniques. After cracking our own routines and bedtime methods we have helped countless friends and family in doing the same. After many a proud success story and MANY a late night DM on Instagram from tired mums seeking help and advice we thought it about time to share our knowledge in the hope it can help others too. Our aim is for everyone to be happy and content and to get more SLEEP!

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WE ARE NOT DOCTORS, or sleep experts or scientists or nutritionists or any of those titles but we are MUMS! Mums with A LOT of experience and a LOT of hours spent on getting the little people in our lives to sleep. Which they do, or we wouldn’t be writing this. All the information in this sleep guide is from our own personal experiences. You can take as much or as little as you like from the advice given, do what suits you and your baby. But be persistent, stick with it and best of luck. So here goes...