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What the f%&$ do we need..

What the f%&$ do we need..

You're a first time Dad, baby is about to arrive and you realise you have nothing. Here is a check list of all the things you will need big and small. Some you don't NEED need. But we have included as it made our lives easier.  These are the brands we used, these are not affiliated links. You can of course use any you like, this is simply a guide the links are there incase you haven't got a clue what we are on about!!

NB: This is for one baby... not twins. 



Bottle feeding:


NB: resist there to buy outfits, babies are more comfortable in Onesies and trust us, you'll be changing them 1000 times a day so you'll not want them in anything else. 


  • Baby gym mat

  • Sensory toys-Tip: Black & white patterned muslins are a great sensory 'toy' for babies to stare at

For you




What we learnt in the first year

What we learnt in the first year

Is there a right time?

Is there a right time?