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1st birthday presents worth the spend

1st birthday presents worth the spend

What do you buy a one year old for their birthday? The majority of you agreed with me, in that they really don't need anything. But it is nice to celebrate the year and if buying a gift helps you mark that occasion then we get that. Even if we know really they are happy with an empty egg carton, or a bottle with dried pasta in it. So as my first kid's birthday creeps up I have dug hard, I mean really really thought about this with no sponsors, no mates websites pushed, no bullshit to find things that your children will get joy out of, actually play with or love you for in 30 years time when they are trying to gain a mortgage. So that you don't waste your cash and maybe get a sweet second to pour yourself a big fat congratulations G&T.  

A letter rounding up the year.
This is really beautiful, A hand written letter to your baby rounding up the year. You can do one each year highlighting some of the highs and achievements in the year and discussing the lows- to keep things real! Pop them in a box and hand them too them when they are old enough to appreciate it- soooo 30! Whatever you do do not give them the letter on their 1st birthday, or it'll be confetti. 

Acorn & Pip's IIMO Push along Tricycle £159

This is a trike. We have it on strong recommendation that this can be used from said first birthday until they are 3/4! First off it comes with a handle so you can push your kid around with it, a handle which comes off eventually. GENIUS. So you'll get so much use out of it and it won't be a fad that dies when they don't need your help anymore. It also comes in a few colours, which don't completely offend the eye! Win.

My Little Treasures- First Baby grows turned into a blanket or soft toy.
So many baby grows. But none you want to throw away!! I am usually not a horder but there is something about Ronnie's new born onesies that I can't seem to let go of. They remind me so much of when she was so little and in those very foggy days they mean more to me than any item of clothing I wear. So why not get them stitched together into a beautiful blanket, or a soft toy. 

Ikea childrens table and chairs £60

My sister has used this table and chairs every day for the past 5 years since she had her first little girl, she is now on number 3! So this is what my parents are buying for Ronnie. Sure, a table and chairs isn't so fun, but think of the fun she'll have sat up at it drawing, eating...throwing her food on the floor. 

Toomies Hide & Seek eggs £7.49

In my eyes, a really random toy. But they LOVE them, which is why it is currently an Amazon best seller. I have witnessed first hand Ronnie play with these for hours. 


William May Pre owned Charm Bracelet
Pandora grinds my GEARS- sorry P. But the queue outside of their shops makes me want to die a little each time I walk past. Clearly I'm a lone here (hence the queue) so if its your thing go for them. I personally prefer something a little more unique, William May has a pre owned section which sell some great vintage charm bracelets and charms. I have one just like it that my mum bought me. Each year you can then buy a charm to add to it for each birthday. A really lovely keep sake and tradition to begin. 

Usborne touchy-feely books

These books are the best. Also what a name!!!! Ha. But seriously, touch and feel, different textures, repetitive verses. These books are a win. 



Apple photo book

We've used this one before on what to buy new dads, BUT we really think its great. If you're like us you have an iPhone FULL of photographs. Why not get them printed into a beautiful book. Each year you can round up the year with the best moments captured in a series of books for them to look back on. 





Ok so we are no Kanye, but if you are a little savvy it might be a smart move to buy your babe some shares. Think about if your M&D had invested in bitcoin when you were a tot....exactly!!!

Premium bonds

No bank account makes much money these days, so why not stick it all in premium bonds and hope for the odd £25 cash back, you may even be lucky and hit the 1 mil jackpot.


Probably because I'm a magpie. But how amazing would it be to rather than spend a shit ton of cash on stuff a baby won't use. Put that money away and every 5 years purchase a diamondd for them. Then when they are old enough, they'll either have a beautiful set of diamonds to make into something special, or to sell and use the money. 






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