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TMC Review: Bubble Babysitting App

TMC Review: Bubble Babysitting App

For the following review we were paid to give an honest option of the product.

Childcare for us has to be one of our toughest conquests in motherhood to date. Rugby takes us far away from our families, and so we do not have the luxury in being able to call upon them on a last minute bid for freedom. We spend a lot of our time juggling schedules and dragging the babies to anywhere and everywhere with us. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but what if your village lives 200 miles away, who is going to help you out then?

So when we were contacted by Bubble, the babysitting App, to review them we were interested. Sceptical but interested. We always want to give 100% honest reviews to our readers as us mums don't have time for bullshit and we are already in a mine field, straight up honesty is all we need to hear. So.. did the word App initially scare us- yes 100% Why? Erm we don't really know. But we delved a little deeper, mainly through pure desperation...

Firstly, the creators of the app are just like us; parents of young children who find it hard to secure childcare. That already set us at ease. These guys are doing it from experience. They've had the same issues raising their children and so they know exactly what we would want from a service; security. 

The way in which the app works, each baby sitters profile is set up so that you can see all reviews and recommendations from previous jobs, how many sits they have done through the app and whether or not you have any mutual mates that have used them. Every baby sitter on bubble then passes the following checks: Online ID check, Online Background Check, 'Enhanced checks' Babysitters with this badge have met in person by the bubble team and if they have a DBS Check this will be stated - ask them to bring it long to your meet! So you already have a lot of information..

But of course we are past the era of leaving your kids with the 14 year old neighbour (we were that 14 year old neighbour many a time!) So why not book a babysitter in for an hour or two one day whilst you are at home. 

You see, our main child care woes aren't really for nights out, we can schedule these long enough in advance to get the grandparents up or down the M6. Our babysitting needs come with an extra helping hand during the day. Someone to come and sit and play with the babe whilst we crack on with some house work, or sit and answer 100 work emails we have put off, even just to go upstairs and run ourselves a hot bath for an hour to take some me time in order to be a better mum for the next 23 hours.

That way, we can meet a babysitter, be in the same house as them and then get to know them in the hope you can continue to use them! 

The next thing to note is how easy the app is to use. It takes a very short time to sign up as a parent and then you can book someone in very quickly... like that afternoon, depending on the number of sitters available in your area! HELLO, we love things that work and work last minute too!

Childcare for us, is a pain. In the past we have found it so hard to know even where to start. This app takes that struggle and turns it into an ease. After researching, delving deeper and trying to app ourselves we will never look back. We'll be booking in many more sitters to give us the hour or two we need per week weekly from now on!!!

We have a code if you'd like to get £10 off your first sit after signing up: MUMCLUB

@bubblebabysitting app, www.joinbubble.com and/or 'search bubble babysitter' in the app store.

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