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Thighs as big as your dreams By Grace Miller @figuredfeminine

Thighs as big as your dreams By Grace Miller @figuredfeminine

I always wanted to be a mum, right from an early age I knew I wanted to fall in love and have children.

It’s funny how life grants a wish but completely flip turns all your ideals all at the same time!!

I fell pregnant with Elijah aged just 20 and I was 21 when he was born, I was madly in love but definitely not thinking about being a mum quite yet.

However, we counted out blessings and trusted that we would find our way through pregnancy and young parenthood.

I didn’t realize at the time but I will openly say now that for sure I grew into a woman whilst raising my firstborn. Things that maybe other women had experienced like renting their first home, sharing their home with their partner, doing their own laundry and washing up etc. I had to experience for the first time while pregnant or with a very young child!

It was a hard time for me and my partner, I was lonely and confused and feeling a little strangled all entwined with the sheer joy of having created and birthed a beautiful baby.

I would say that having children has been the true making of me.

Before children i was a very self-conscious person I struggled with body image and selflove for most of my childhood feeling inadequate.

But it wasn’t really until after my second child Tahli that I really started to question myself and my passions. I loved being a full-time mum but I understood that I wanted a little more, a little something just for me.

I knew that I loved everything health and fitness but was totally bound by my own perception of myself and too scared to put myself out there and re-train as I believed that to be in the industry you had to look a certain way, you know like the airbrushed women on the cover of sports magazines!! And at 5ft1 and a UK size 10, stretchmarks galore and a baby pouch I was far from that image!

I started to exercise when Tahli was around 6 months old after becoming hugely inspired by other women on Instagram, I wanted to lose a little extra weight that I had gained during pregnancy and knew that I needed to move my body. 

I would leave at dinner time once a week to attend a local Legs Bums and Tums class, and soon realized that it was a perfect retreat for me to take an hour and spend it on myself. I soon started to feel the benefits of the exercise both in body and mind and it became an essential part of my week. One exercise class a week turned into one class, a jog and a home workout a week and before I knew it I was totally hooked.

It wasn’t long until I realized that my passion for health and fitness was big and that i wanted to retrain. I was going to have to push my own boundaries and be really brave.

I completed my gym instructor training and then onto my exercise to music training which then enabled me to begin my own fitness classes. I was so scared to take the leap and it really pushed all of my buttons to show up and put myself in the health and fitness arena as an average sized woman.

After gaining my qualifications i was super inspired, i wanted to reach other women and share what i had learnt about self-love, body image, health and fitness.

About how all of the rules we thought were real were made up, that health and fitness is for everybody and anybody and how ALL women deserve to feel healthy and great.

And so, Figured Fitness was born.

Figured Fitness represents all women, Figured Fitness is a place where we celebrate our bodies and how amazing they are, not just for their shapes and sizes but for how they help us to carry and deliver our children safely and run around after them ALL DAY LONG!

I’m so grateful that I have learned to love my body and find time as a mum to look after my health, fitness and wellness, for the benefit of myself and my children.

I am so grateful for my children helping me to learn how wonderful my body is and helping me to become a woman through raising them.

But most of all I am so grateful that I get to share these lessons with other women both in person and online, inspiring and supporting other women to add health and fitness into their lives and to be brave and love their wonderful bodies. And in turn teach my children to live through passion and be brave.


A smile can make all the difference By Sarah Cumberbirch

A smile can make all the difference By Sarah Cumberbirch

The truth behind pregnancy do's and don'ts by Siobhain Brodie @thepuddingclub_

The truth behind pregnancy do's and don'ts by Siobhain Brodie @thepuddingclub_