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Ten a f*****g day by Victoria Casey

Ten a f*****g day by Victoria Casey

So you've got 2 kids, you're managing 5 a day.....just...most days....and then some plonker with a degree who wants to be a 'doctor' does some research for a PHD and suddenly the world of every mum in the universe comes crashing down because now suddenly we are only 50% good enough and our children have a shorter life expectancy because of it. Well you know what I say research person with no kids.... challenge accepted. 

Now don't get me wrong, my kids do not LOVE fruit and veg. They like totally different things in both categories and some days beans on toast (1 of your 5 a day/10) is my only friend but I wanted to force myself to take this challenge because I really do get a massive pleasure from seeing my children eat homemade healthy food plus I love cooking. 

Let's go....Monday

Fruit wise throughout the day innocent smoothie, bananas, raspberries, Apple, kiwi, orange and blueberry ( not all but between the two of them they had 4/6 portions each)

Veg wise homemade soup... which they loved btw, I used courgettes, yellow pepper, onions, Leeks and Jerusalem artichokes and then because I was on a total roll Heinz spaghetti BOOM 11 big child /12 small child a day.


Fruit... bananas, Apple, kiwi, orange, innocent smoothie

Veg... homemade soup (tomatoes, red pepper, spinach, cucumbers, celery) then for tea I totally CBA so Ella had a frozen previously made sweet potato curry which had onions and garlic in it that I concealed inside puff pastry a la Greggs style because she's northern and would probably eat a t shirt if it was covered in pastry and Patchy had a previously homemade chicken pie which had leeks and carrot in it with a side of peas. DAY TWO 12 portions each


Fruit.... banana, pear, fruit juice, orange and grapes

The lunch was abysmal... ham on thick white bread with butter and crisps, I had to pull this back. The PHD man can't win. I went all out. I made dinosaur curry. For those of you unfamiliar with this delicacy it contains ginger, wild garlic, leeks, butternut squash, spinach, broccoli, lime, lemon grass and chick peas (and its bright green)

I can't believe they ate it. I had to hide and pop out and make sounds like a dinosaur but who gives one! 

I can't actually believe how well this was going. I was certain that the PHD man had done this to inflict pain on me in some way but I was completely loving the challenge, the children seemed really quite well behaved and they weren't asking for pudding.


Fruit juice, oranges, raspberries, raisins, bananas, grapes and because I just realised it's counted one of those yoyo bear swirly things? You know the ones. 

Cauliflower cheese with hidden leeks and carrots to go with their sausages made day 4 another success by the skin of my teeth.

Friday was the last day because I'm not cruel and everyone loves to eat treats at weekend. The usual fruit line up followed with dinner of a veg packed Bolognese made the week a storming success with a combined total of 112 portions between the two of them in 5 days. 

I'm not going to do it again to the same anal diary writing extent but I’ll definitely make more of an effort in future because I honestly feel that I can see a difference in them. 

If in doubt... be a dinosaur


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