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Pregnancy weight gain changed my life By Alexandra Mackenzie

Pregnancy weight gain changed my life By Alexandra Mackenzie

I am an extremely blessed mummy to two absolutely gorgeously fantastic boys who have enriched every part of my life.......

However they also put my body through an absolute roller coaster!

Hyperemesis Gravidarum, Pre eclampsia, a blood disorder which has changed my blood group to a now extremely rare blood group (yep even the doctors are baffled!) and at one point a 4 1/2 stone weight gain.

I sailed through my life a size 10 with very little effort. I was that annoying friend who pretty much ate what i wanted did VERY little exercise mocked those that did and stayed a consistent size 10. I had perky DD boobs and often didn't wear a bra as I didn't need to and always had silky straight long hair (I'm beginning to hate my former self as i write this!) Pregnancy lets say wiped that smug smile clean off my face!

Due to a pregnancy of bed rest, throwing up and tolerating only white carbs when I wasn't being sick, i gained 2 stone nothing i was particularly concerned about and judging by my friends with babies noted that breast feeding seemed to not only benefit the baby but helped with weight loss and provided a wonderful excuse to eat cake guilt free! Id loose my baby weight then......

I hadn't banked on crippling post natal anxiety, comfort eating and a body that held on to all my pregnancy weight whilst feeding. Severe sleep deprivation and a very hungry baby left me frazzled and reaching for the take-away menus.

I dropped a stone in weight after stopping feeding when Dan was 14 months old but then fell pregnant with my second son and the roller coaster started again. My second pregnancy mirrored the first and as i was already heavier to begin with i gained just under 5 stone.

My husband literally the worlds kindest man loved me what ever weight i was but I didn't. I would walk past mirrors and catch a glimpse of myself wondering for a split second who that person was only to realise it was me. This reflection wasn't who i was or wanted to be. It left me sad, depressed and severely lacking in confidence.

When Barney was just over 12 months old i had had enough. I decided along with my best friend to join a fitness program promising results in 90 days if I followed the clean eating diet and turned up to 3 workouts a week. Sounded simple enough. My family and husband gave me encouraging well dones for signing up but i could tell they thought the girl who previously only jogged to the off license to get there before closing probably wouldn't stick this out!

FIT90 became my place. The place i lost myself and the place i met other mums who wanted to loose weight. A place which was a community a community i felt part of. Since giving up my job as a paediatric nurse to be a full time mummy i whilst was loving being at home with my boys felt isolated at times and for the first time in a long time felt i was doing something just for me. I lost 11kgs in 90 days through sensible eating and exercise and felt amazing. The reflection in the mirror was starting to look like me!

I stayed at FIT90 for countless further 90 day programs feeling and looking better and better till i decided maybe i could help people too like the amazing Joe Haines of FIT90 had helped me. I decided nursing was not for me post children and i undertook training to change my career to a personal trainer. My dream job came when Joe offered me a job with the place that changed my life.

I have been a trainer for just over 2 years now and absolutely love it. There have been many mummies like me looking to feel more like them again and i love to listen to their stories and to see their results and their confidence grow and shine.

I wouldn't change my story for the world i have been both smaller and bigger and for this reason i can relate to my clients in a way other trainers cant. It has shaped my career and made me a stronger less judgmental person. My boys see their mummy fit and healthy but above all happy.

Happiness is really what its all about bigger or smaller every women needs to feel confident and for me exercise was it..... and no one was more surprised than the once original couch potato than me! 

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