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It's never the right time by Lucy Griffiths @dreamitdoitloveitcoaching

It's never the right time by Lucy Griffiths @dreamitdoitloveitcoaching

Its 5am and I'm curled up on the sofa with the little one writing this on my iPhone. I dare not move and disturb the slightly grumpy (aka teething) munchkin from his slumber, so I’m clumsily writing with two fingers on my phone notes.

The dawn chorus is singing, and I’m not feeling particularly chirpy. In fact, I’m knackered, and this is perhaps not the best time to write a blog post, but the house is still, and my brain is whirring.

It got me thinking... why do we always tell ourselves that it's never the right time to start a business? It takes a major metaphorical kick up the arse to pluck up the courage to create our dream business.

I was talking to an old school friend this week who said, I really want to set up a cafe, but it's not the right time... I'll wait until little one is at senior school.

I had an email from an old colleague who said, I hate the job but I'll wait until little munchkin is in big school before quitting...

Why do we wait for some miraculous sign like a thunderbolt and strike of lightening to do the thing we want to do? There's never the "right time". Starting a business is messy, scary and liberating. You bumble and blag and have no idea what you are doing but somehow it works, and sometimes it doesn’t, but at least you tried.

I started my business when I was still on maternity leave because going back to my old job was just not possible with kids. I was a TV reporter and the travel to bonkers places and the hours just didn't fit with little one.

I didn't want to have to choose, I wanted to do something I loved that worked on my terms for my family and life. I wanted more than flexible working, I wanted a super bendy but also super flipping fantastic way of living and working (yes, I know I was asking a lot).

So now I'm a slasher and I do a variety of work that lights my creative juices, and gives me the freedom to choose the hours I work for my family. I'm a coach for mums wanting to set up their own business. I'm still a journalist, and write & make TV about parenting (so much more fun than chasing paranoid despots around Asia in my old job), I run Airbnb holiday lets and I do up and renovate properties we've bought at auction (watching back to back Homes Under the Hammer while breastfeeding definitely came in useful).

I love the variety in my life, and the freedom to choose the hours that works for my family. I'm not going to pretend it's all perfect, and sometimes that means working late into the evening or up at 4am to enable me to get things done and spend time with little one. But when you do something you love you don't mind.

And it's waaaaay better than dealing with the unpredictable grumpy and hungover boss, or tiptoeing through the shenanigans of office politics. Or doing that god-awful nursery run to make it back in time for 6pm pick up, and feeling as though you are on the naughty step because you are 5 minutes late.

So before you feel the fear and think that you can’t possibly set up the cake business or the blog that you’ve often fantasized about, just think how your life would be in five years time if you took the plunge now. If you decided to bake 5 cakes on a Friday night, and sell them at the Farmer’s Market on a Saturday morning. Or wrote that blog post while on the train into work – just when you think you couldn’t possibly find the time to do it.

Just imagine how your life would be… where would you be living? What would you be doing? What kind of life would your kids be enjoying?

Mums are this pool of wonderful-talented-and-UNDER-UTILISED-WONDER-WOMEN. We can achieve anything that we set our mind to. We just have to have the self-belief and the business confidence to create that dream business.

If I can do it, you can bloody do it!

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Lucy Griffiths is the founder of Dream it, Do it, Love it (http://dreamitdoitloveit.com/). She is a success coach for mums looking to create their EXTRAORDINARY business and life. She has a Postgraduate Diploma and Masters in Professional and Business Coaching, and a degree in Communications. She’s on a mission to change the world, and help mums and their families live wonderful, and fulfilled lives.

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