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Our favourite weaning products.

Our favourite weaning products.

Have you ever been frustrated with your own mum or dad whilst teaching them to use an iphone, or switch on their new HD telly or stop them from liking every picture they want to look at on your Facebook wall? Have you ever then stood back and realised the same women and man taught you how to use a spoon, spent hours with you daily teaching you how to literally chew food..... kind of makes you feel bad doesn't it. 

It still baffles me daily when I think of the responsibility we have as parents, yet just crack on with it without much of a thought. We literally have to teach our children how to do everything from scratch. The biggest one of these of course is how to eat. 

So we've made things a little easier for you by giving you a list of products that helped us.

To start with:

Weaning books

Nuby Garden Fresh Easy Pop Freezer tray

NB: Worth buying a few of these to batch cook!

All in one bib- A MUST!!!!


As they get more confident:

Bamboo Bamboo Suction Plate & Bowl

Nana'sManners knife and fork- designed to help them use cutlery 

Nuby Frozen puree lolly holders

It's a Vasectomy or Me?

It's a Vasectomy or Me?

She's the one

She's the one