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Twins; Double the love, double the stuff

Twins; Double the love, double the stuff

Recently over on the gram I asked for your help: 'What do I need to buy two of and what should I not bother with?' So I have put together a blog to let you know what I will be buying from the amazing advice I received. 

We found out the sex for both past pregnancies which meant from around 20 weeks I could nest, I could shop, I could name them and I could decorate. I loved getting the nurseries ready and the fact we had one of each meant I had the chance to design two completely different rooms. When it came to having, what we thought was baby no.3 I thought I would have everything. From the nursery to the pram, to every colour item of clothing you could possibly imagine, even nipple shields and post birth sanitary pads large enough to stem the Thames were checked off my list . We were set for baby no.3. Except when we found out baby no.3 was also a baby no.4, this was one of the MANY things that got blown out the window. All the expensive shit we forked out on for the first one 'so it would last' became either completely inconsequential or we need another one, exactly the same but ANOTHER ONE!! The third baby that we thought would just slot into our life suddenly became an extremely expensive bundle of joy(s). 

There is sooooo much conflicting advice on the web and even in real life (*GASPS* We don't just Google everything :-0 ). It was hilarious, on holiday recently I was like the local tourist attraction. Word got round that I was expecting two and everyone who had some distant relative that once bumped into a set of twins at Waitrose was giving me wise words of wisdom to set me on my way. Although overwhelming, It was brilliant, I soon realised there is no handbook that comes flying out the womb with them. All twins are different, some like to sleep together, some have only ever slept apart, some like it hot some like it cold etc etc.. you get the feels. So I decided to ask YOU. Knowing it would not all be the same advice but I could get a general feel for what the deal was going to be. 

So, from your wonderful advice this is what I have decided on;

I have decided on buying two moses baskets, both of my babies started lives in them and I believe it set them up well for not relying on me to fall asleep, also handy for moving around etc. Many people said they put both twins in one moses while they fit but I think I will just see how things go at the beginning. I really love these Moba Moses Baskets, ideal for moving around and have heard rave reviews about the mattresses they come with.



I will obviously have to buy a new pram and car seats and so far a strong favourite is the Icandy Orange. Very similar to my other top runner Joolz Geo2. It has one baby on top and one below ( so pick your fave that day .. just joking.. kind of.. oh come on we all have a favourite depending on the day) thus meaning you can actually fit through door ways HOORAH! The Icandy has 30 different variations! and does come in other colours apart from orange. On the Joolz website you can completely create your pram from scratch which is designed to grow with you, choosing from their collections - Earth, Studio, Quadro and Tailor you can add colours, accents and accessories. The Icandy also has a built in step for little ones to stand on which is ideal as Ted will only be 2 when the twins arrive and I prefer him on the pram than on one of those dog leads people try to pass off as a dinosaur backpack. 



The other item I will be buying two of from advice I received is a baby bouncer. Im slightly in love with this chic Baby Bjorn Bouncer. It comes in three beautiful colours, it is perfectly simple, no batteries or wires needed. It works with the natural movement of your baby and super lightweight and easy to store, need I say more?  


So for now, that is all, in fact apart from nappies, bottles and a life supply of wetwipes that is pretty much all I will be buying until they are old enough to warrant a bedroom of their own. I hope this helps any new twin mummies out there and for the more experienced twin owners please leave a comment below if I am missing any vitals. 


The first time out after a newborn

The first time out after a newborn

Really good bags to go with your nappy bag.

Really good bags to go with your nappy bag.