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Top tips for holidaying with a new baby

Top tips for holidaying with a new baby

I have always been a big traveller. My dad worked abroad throughout my childhood so I was extremely lucky to visit so many countries during my young years, something I’ve carried on through to adulthood. I took my first flight when I was 12 weeks old, It is therefore hugely important to me that Ronnie sees the world too. I believe that no matter what education you receive, nothing can educate you more than seeing, doing, learning, meeting new people, understanding new culters. Living in someone elses environment and understanding their originis.

Of course there is premise that Ronnie is still so young she won’t remember a thing from this age but I believe that you start to be shaped from a very young age by your environment.

However travelling with a baby is no mean feet. Long gone are the days where I’d just have myself to think about! Infact it takes a lot of work and I want to share with you my top tips so far. (This is based on your first young baby, god knows what the hell to do when you have 100 toddlers, I’ll leave that to Jess!)

1/ Pack only the essentials.

Unless you’re going to a 3rd world country, which we doubt you are with a newborn most places will have everything you need in their super markets. Babies are born there too you know. So do your research. Do the shops sell your formula?  Are there similar Nappies? Wipes? If so you only need to take the bare minmum to get you through the first day or two. Do some research, google is a wonderful place full of people that have definetly already holidayed at your destination with young babies. Take less but what you take make it really useful. My next blog will be the top 10 best young baby holiday purchases. 

2/ Invite your parents.

Trust me on this one when I say it is the best thing you’ll do. Not only will you have an extra pair of hands to help out with the babes it will also allow you and your partner to spend some time together without spending the whole holiday negotiating. They get to spend time with their grandchild and you get to remember why you had said baby in the first place.

3/ Be flexible.

You will be out of your usual day to day routine, and so will your baby. Do not let this worry you. Your baby will let you know when they want to sleep. If they miss a nap here and there don’t go into a meltdown and spend all day in the room trying to coax them. It won't be the end of the world, although it may feel like it for a moment. If you want to enjoy your holiday (and life) you need your baby to be flexible she needs to be able to adapt, sleep in the car if need be, sleep n a buggy in a restaurant, maybe go to bed a little later than planned some nights.

4/ Don’t expect your baby to nap on the plane.

You’d have thought white noise, and motion would rock that babe to sleep. Truth is there is A LOT going on a flight and it may keep your baby awake. Take a few toys, a few bottles of milk and try to relax.

5/ Don’t over plan.

You will already know that your baby dictates a lot of what happens. To avoid stress try not to plan to much and take each day as it comes. If you've booked every meal out and every day time activity if you have to swerve it because you didn't sleep all night it'll cause you more stress than is worth. Avoid it by putting less pressure on yourselves and save the big sight seeing holidays for when you can all enjoy them together. 

6/ Remember airport perks

Don’t forget to take advantage of airport perks. The majority of airlines give families with young children queue jumps throughout so take advantage- that’s Check ins, speedy boarding etc! Also you don’t have to drop your buggy off until you get to the plane- unless you have one of our RAVE about baby zen’s then you can take it on flight folded up so save yourselves the arm ache! Also if you’re taking a long haul flight make sure you bag yourself a baby basinet –Emirates are particularly accommodating for these. 

7/Think about yourself.

Your baby is not old enough to need an activity based holiday. They will be happy with a chew toy, a kick about in a paddling pool and a nap in the shade. So when booking your holiday think about yourself. Think about what you need from the break. If it’s a spa with regular massages then do it, if it’s a deserted villa with its own pool, do it. Save the centre parc style trips for when you don’t have a choice BUT to book them!!

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