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Top 10 best young baby holiday purchases

Top 10 best young baby holiday purchases

So here it is. The magical list. The things we used every day making our trip SO much more comfortable. Thanks to all those that shouted out their holiday must haves, and if anyone else has anything to add LET US KNOW. 


We've raved about it so much it looks like we are being paid to sponsor them, we aren't we promise although that would be nice. We cannot talk more highly of this stroller, but I won't bore you with reasons why, check out our review here.

Tip: Purchase the parasol to go with it for extra shade coverage the hood doesn't go down very far and you'll need to cover the babes feet. 


This was one you recommended to us and it is genius. A shaded cover for the stroller which provides 99% UV coverage as well as a darker room for napping. If your baby is like ours and SO nosey this blocks out the day and lets them get their head down in the midday sun.

Tip: Don't purchase it in black, we did and I wish we'd gone for a colour that reflected the heat a bit more as I was paranoid she was getting too hot! 


I hate mosquito spray, and it is NOT good for your baby. These patches are brilliant for the cot and inside the buggy if you're out for the evening. Stick on and easy to remove. 


This is a mozzy net that goes over your travel cot. Keeping all the bugs out. This along with the tabs will keep your mind at ease!! 


If like us you have a water baby this will be a great buy. Although Ronnie spent the majority of the time in her swim nappy only in the paddling pool when we took her into he big pool the full swim suit and long backed hat were perfect to avoid the sun! We got this one from John Lewis, they do a good range for boys and girls. 


I would take one of these even if I was breastfeeding, they are great to sterilise toys too and since the majority of things go into a babies mouth at this stage it sets your mind at ease that you've done a job at cleaning it first! Another option is steriliser bags, apparently they too are great, I might try these next time as they sterilise more in one go!


This was great for days out, cooling Ronnie down in the buggy when the day time heat was too much, especially if there was no breeze. Rob actually ended up using it a lot too haha. 


For everything... play mat, buggy cool cover, towel alternative, wiping up everything, creating a shade and a thin blanket alternative. You name it we used a large muslin for it.

Tip: Get ones with ribbon ties, you can buy them cheap and add the ribbon to the corner yourselves or invest in a fancy one from Mama Rules, or Aden & Anais. 


We mean it. 


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