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The thing about nursery..

The thing about nursery..

Like all things in motherhood, nursery is personal preference. Whether you need to work, believe in the social aspect, or if it simply allows you to do a weekly shop. Nursery is up to you as a family. We have both sent our children to nursery, with husbands who work very hard, whilst we carve our own careers out and not much family around, we need it. We are also big believers in the social aspect. Here are some learnings we have found since sending our children to nurseries that we love.

1. You will struggle to get one child to sleep in a bed made from duck feathers and Egyptian cotton. They can make an entire classroom of 30 kids sleep on an inch thick plastic mat all at the same time. 

2. At home your child will not go near a vegetable, they will find the smallest of blended carrots in a bologanise and spit it out. You’ll collect them from nursery and hear ‘Oh little Johnny ate all of his aubiene Tagine and beetroot brownie’………

3. You won’t mind them slipping up and calling you thier key workerss name once in a while. You thought it’d hack you off but actually you’re pleased they like them it makes life hella easier. 

4. The nursery rhymes you were taught as a kid have had a MAJOR 20th century update.. Baabaa pink sheep.. yes you heard. 

5. In pregnancy you pictured what you’d dress your kid in. How you’d style them perhaps. The moment they start nursery they will look like they are raised on the street. You only buy super market clothes from now on. 

6. The day they come home with their first birthday party invitation makes you burst with pride.

7. The guilt never ends. What ever your reasons are for using nursery you will always feel guilty. Truth bomb; you’d feel guilty if you didn’t send your kid to nursery too. Do you know why? Because MUM GUILT IS EVERYWHERE!

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