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The Mum Club top tips and hacks for new Mums

The Mum Club top tips and hacks for new Mums

DON'T spend a fortune on baby stuff.

New borns need very little. Surprisingly they don't come out demanding their own room decorated in Farrow & Ball and top to bottom with The White Companies finest including baskets filled with the latest, all singing, all dancing annoying toy. In fact most babies spend their first 8 weeks in a moses basket, not doing a lot. So save on the room details especially if you don't know the sex yet. When they do get past the moses basket stage you will 100% invest in a baby bouncer, you just will! Toys like these are used for a couple of months and then flung on to Facebook to try and get rid of. BUY SECOND HAND, second hand baby stuff is not the same as second hand adult stuff, it has probably be used a hand full of times and near enough brand new, apart from the odd raison.  The same goes for prams, slings, high chairs, cribs and baby clothes, they grow quicker than you can imagine so choose a couple of packs of your favourite baby grows to rotate and welcome all hand me downs from friends and family. ( you can always pass them on). Remember in 3 months you will be buying every item again. 

DONT wash new born clothes. 

I don't know who decided to spread this awful rumour but funnily enough that new pack of baby grows you just bought is clean. Indulge your last few days baby free with spa days and chocolate and doing nothing, NOT washing, you will be doing this for the rest of your life. 

DO NOT get caught up on your Due Date

Due dates are lovely, something to work towards, an end goal, the day you get to meet your beautiful baby you have waited for for 9 months! ...and then you go over due. Only 5 percent of mothers give birth on their due date! Our advice to you: plan for two weeks after your due date. They never let you go over two weeks now so no disappointment and anything before then is a nice surprise. 

That baby will come out when it wants, no matter what you get up to. 

Having three births between us we have tried and tested all the weirds and the wonderful to try and bring on labour and believe us, if that baby does not want to come out they wont, no matter how many pineapples you eat. BUT if you must try something we suggest long walks and lots of S E X ( as long as midwife says its all good ).

Maternity Exemption Certificate

With all the joys that come with pregnancy from burning indigestion to piles it may be worth getting one of these forms. You are entitled to free prescriptions when pregnant and for a year after birth as long as you show your certificate. Worth it if you are swigging from the Gaviscon bottle like its a Pina Colada. Click Here 

Through the sunroof or out the front door, you still gave birth.

It doesn't matter how that bundle of joy enters the world, you still gave birth. Drug free or numb from the nips down, Hypnobirth or screaming, C-section or pushing, it doesn't matter. Labour hardly ever goes to plan, its just not one of those straight forward experiences in life. We have heard of C-sections being every bit as special as a natural birth. You are there to get baby out and if that means lots of pain relief or a c section that is nothing to be ashamed of.


Something every mum should be aware of going into labour. A contraction will last 60 seconds (approx). The pain may be breath taking but knowing that its is just 60 seconds until that pain switch is flicked off and you can gather yourself again to prepare for the next makes it completely bearable and can help you to keep calm. Not to mention you are that much closer to meeting your baby. 


We believe you have three poos to worry about in life. Labour poo, yes it does happen, no it didn't happen to either of us. The poo after labour... eat prunes and Good Luck. Babies first poo... YUK. 

Post labour partner

This ones especially for the breastfeeders out there. Don't forget the man in your life. He will probably be feeling a little left out, used to normally having all your attention and now all your attention is on the baby as well as the hoards of people that visit and he is left to make the teas. Make sure he gets to do some of the baby jobs even if your watching over him like a hawk and make time for each other, you can still do nice things, especially if you have a sleepy new born. Make dinner together, watch a film, don't loose your relationship in becoming Mum and Dad. 

The baby doesn't like ...

STOP! Your 6 day old baby is not old enough to burp without help never mind form an opinion on some very expensive baby kit. You hear mothers explaining how baby Paul hates his Moses basket and cries every time he is put in it, so we bought 4 different ones on amazon at 2 in the morning to find one he liked. But in reality the chance are there is something else upsetting 6 day on baby Paul. Do your check list, changed, fed, comfortable, not being blinded by the sun, not got wind, not overwhelmed, over tired or over heated, the list is long but I can be pretty sure, its not the Moses basket. 


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