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The Mum Club Guide : Best Buys

The Mum Club Guide : Best Buys

We have compiled a list of items we believe to be our BEST BUYS so far in parenting life and we have tried a lot!  The majority of these seem to be are focused around benefiting sleep for some strange reason but there are also some that have made our lives that little bit easier and what mum doesn't want that? From newborns to toddlers this is our list.

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Dream Baby Bath Thermometer - We use this every night to test Ronnies bath so it is the ideal temperature.  £10

Sound Sleeper App- because I can't dry my hair any more!!! 

M&S Scratch Mits- big enough for Ronnie to move her hands in them still. But save her scratching her face off she's a handsy baby! £4

Sleepyhead- We use it all the time! A good tip I was told is to wrap a t-shirt you have warn on the day in a hot water bottle for a few minutes and then take the t shirt and lay it in the sleepyhead wait for it to cool slightly so it's all snugly and warm.. she'll think she is laying on you! £65


Aden and Anais Large muslins (for breast feeders) I use them to tent up wherrever I go and since my tits are so huge now they need a tent!! Jess also found these brilliant for swaddling Teddy in the summer as he would wake himself up flailing around but blankets were too thick. £38.95 for three

Medela Nipple Shields- I think I would have stopped breastfeeding if I hadn't had sheilds! They are a bit of a faf but my god I couldn't not use them now and you get to see how much milk comes out!!  £7.15


Zazu Sam Sheep Sleep Trainer Clock  When Nell moved into her big girl bed she would be up every morning by 5 and in our bedroom. I was told about this sheep alarm clock which is asleep when she is asleep and you set the time to wake up then it opens its eyes and baaaas so they know its time to get up. It also changes colours and has a star countdown so they know when it is nearly time to get up. At first i wasn't sure she would understand but it worked a dream! £35.00 

Ewan the Dream Sheep Similar to the sound app but they can snuggle up to the soft sheep as they get older. Plays white noise to send them off to sleep. £29.99 

Baby Dan Wooden Bed Guard Rail  Another buy from when Nell got her big girl bed. I didn't buy a toddler bed we chose to go straight into a regular single bed. So these bed rails were ideal to stop her rolling out and give her the comfort of crib sides. £39.99

Roomba Vacuum Cleaner  This one is a luxury buy, but god has it saved me hours of hoovering, I can set it for the morning before I even wake up or have it on whilst I'm bathing the kids. It really has been my top pick. Crumbs and dog hair no longer rule my life. £549.95

Cyber Car Seat Sirona I found Cybex when Nell moved out of her baby car seat, I liked the fact they had front support when forward facing and the modern design. I loved them even more when I had Ted, he was always a big baby and grew out of his baby car seat very earlier. Much too young for most big car seats. The Sirona was perfect, It tilts back and forwards and can be front or back facing with plenty of support. Ideal for my big baby!

JL & LW 

Stop telling me to sleep!

Stop telling me to sleep!

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