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Extensions are a thing I have had a love hate relationship with for years. LOVE the instant head of fluff and how they look once they are done, hate how lazy I am at doing them, leaving them in a mum bun for weeks on end with enough dry shampoo to soak up the Thames. For someone that is used to very low maintenance hair they always seemed like such an effort and not to mention the awful throwback pics with bonds showing or rumours of them making all your hair fall out and turning into 2007 Britney. 

When I saw my go-to salon was providing Tape Extensions by Beauty Works, at first I was surprised. My memory of tape extensions is long thick pieces of what only can be describe as Sellotape, containing not enough hair and being extremely obvious. Now Vivid is not a salon to throw out half a scraggly head of extensions, we are talking Bentley of the extension world. These guys know their shit. So I was intrigued and after speaking to Hannah, I had booked in before I could take a breath. I'm sure, in fact I know, they dread when I'm coming in. I change my mind more than I change my knickers and I am that person that wants to go from dark brown to blonde without ANY WARM TONES all in one appointment. But, like always they book me in and receive all five thousands images of the hair I want with a smile.

After my colour, Hannah started the process. The tape extensions came in all different lengths of tape, the heads were discreet and the application was a breeze. Each extension is folded around the hair and pressed together using an appliance ( who ever doesn't think of Bridesmaid when they say appliance, needs to go and watch it 5 more times. APPLIANCE). No heat is added and within 49 minutes my whole head was filled. Literally a lunch hour hair appointment.  

The tape is so discreet, even being used to cover thinning areas of hair, great for post baby hair loss and perfect for finer hair, my favourite part is with them being flat when you run your hand over your head, there is absolutely no sign of extensions present. No lumps, bumps or uncomfortable nights sleep. Thumbs up from me. 




Below is the pros & cons listed by the salon;


Beauty Works Tape Extensions, do not disappoint! They come in over 37 shades, are seamless and of course are the most amazing quality. The extensions are light weight and come with contour, smaller pieces which are fantastic for very fine hair, the sides and hair line areas.

They are perfect for blending out fringes and short sections within the hair.

Adding colour whether in large flashes or softer more untraceable sections.

THEY ARE REUSABLE! Yes Yes, once you have paid out for your extensions, only your maintenance appointments are needed, so you can up to 9 months* wear out of these babies!

A full head can be fitted in less than an hour! – (Did we hear Lunch time make over???)

The hair can also be put up! Session and catwalk stylists are RAVING about these!

This is the best new method for very fine, short or damaged hair!

Shades can be easily mixed to create some stunning looks!


They’re not for everyone and take some getting used to!

Mixed raced or Very curly hair…… Not for you! Those invisible tape bonding if caught – will cause havoc!

You will need to come back every 6-8 weeks for maintenance.

Not for bigger swimmers.

You will need to get used to “How” you put your hair up.

Not as thick as weave or bonding. So if your used to super thick look, may not be for you!

But all weighed up, This is DEFFO Vivid’s new fave method and with Hair trends heading towards a more relaxed, beachy look in this years 2017/2018Fashion Collections – We think The Curly Blow Out look could well be a thing of the past!


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