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Skin care; How we look less tired.

Skin care; How we look less tired.

It has to be said that neither of us are massive makeup wearers. Whether or not we should be is a whole other question! Sure we have makeup, and yes we do wear it but we do not wear it every day like a lot of people and if we had the option and the complexions (!!!) we'd never wear the stuff at all. We love the stuff, it just makes us feel a bit 'claggy' ja feel!

What we do care a great deal about is skin care. In fact we both invest pretty heavily into it. Maybe because we are barefaced a lot we see reason to! But we love nothing more than slicking our hair up in mum buns, donning the old elastic head band and sudding our faces clean. 

So what do we use. Well a while back Jess went through her skin care routine and you guys loved it so we decided to combine forces and write out Jess's again and to visit Lauren's, since hitting 30 (wahhh!) she's just revamped her product draw and even been and had her skin mapped!! 

Jess's skin care routine

Derma Roller   I started using the Derma roller once a day, now I only use once a week depending on break outs. The only way I can describe it as a miniature paint roller covered in tiny needles that are so small you can barely see. It is used by rolling over your skin in problem areas encouraging the skin to renew and repair. I use on a freshly washed face and normally before bed so I can leave my face bare for as long as possible afterwards. There are many creams you can use with the Derma Roller but I don't use any and leave my skin to dry out. You can by these off the internet although I would recommend talking to a dermatologist first. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream   This is my every day face cream, it feels amazing on your skin, it's light and not perfumed. I have tried hundreds if not thousands of face creams, all promising me my wildest dreams in perfect skin but it seemed the more I spent the worse they made my skin. Anything containing perfume, or snake venom (true story one did contain snake venom) would anger my skin and leave me with uneven skin tones and raw break outs. The more natural the better for me and after extensive testing Kiehls came out on top. 

Immortelle Precious Night Cream L'occitane This is my night cream for evenings if I have not Derma Rolled, its heavier than the day cream, you can really feel it nourishing your skin and again also good for sensitive skin. 

Last but not least, a sudocreme facial every now and again. Not just for a sore bum. 



Lauren's skin care routine

So on a trip down to London recently Lauren went over to Liberty of London beauty hall to Dermalogica and had her face 'mapped'. For anyone who hasn't had this done but wants to know more about their skin and start to look after it this is a great place to start. It's totally FREE, and they stick on these high tech goggles and look over your skin, telling you what your skin needs. You can run over the products you already use with them and they will tell you if they are good or bad, and they are totally unbiased and will get you proper advise rather than just push their product! WIN. Having said that Lauren was in a need for a complete change and so invested in all the products they advised. So here is her new and improved skin routine:


Yeh I know, WTF a pre cleanse to a cleanse! They suggest you cleanse your face twice which sounds bonkers but to actually makes sense. The first to get rid of any makeup, suncream, oil based debris! Allowing the next cleanser to actually soak into your skin! 

Special cleansing gel

You need no more than a dot of this and it foams right up. I love a foaming wash. Tip; take it right down to your neck and collar bone, and don't forget behind your ears! 

Exfoliator: Daily resurfacer

I never realised that you could exfoliate everyday! It is by far my favourite product, it makes me feel like I've taken off the entire day (even if i haven't left the house!) You leave it on, and it makes your skin feel completed hydrated and bright. 

Moisturiser: Dymantic skin revoery SPF 50 

I am a massive believer in SPF 50, in fact I'm unsure why they do any other factors. I still tan through factor 50 and will make sure Ronnie does forever.  Therefore it is important to me that my daily moisturiser contain a high SPF, yes even in the UK! 

And finally my Champion product of the moment-  Votary Super seed oil.  I am onsessed with skin oils and have only just got into them. But o apply it morning and night on a clean face and it has completely cleared my skin. 


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