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Skin care

Skin care

For me there is nothing more important than clear skin. The goal is to have perfect flawless dewy skin, that radiates health and reflects the sun like tin foil. Yet the 'goal' has always seemed like a long way from easy for me. I have always suffered with inconsistent skin for years! I had acne late, starting through my late teenage years and into adulthood, 'the dating years', which SUCKED! It knocked my confidence. I cancelled plans, avoided public places and constantly mentioned how bad it was so no one else had the chance. I could watch hours of beauty tutorials on how to create the perfect flawless skin but for me this just wasn't sustainable. I love make up but I do NOT want to wear it everyday. I want to wake up and like what I see in the mirror, not spend an hour of arts and crafts, whilst batting away prying hands from my VERY expensive collection. 

At the time my skin was at its worst, I was at university and also a nanny for a rather lovely wealthy family. I would collect my child from his private school along with the trophy wives, drenched in designer loungewear with their perfect hair and flawless skin. I hovered around the back waiting for the bell so we could escape back to the car away from their perfect judging eyes. It was then I realised I would do what ever it took to be confident about my skin without makeup. 

I have tried and tested a lot! and I mean A LOT! When it comes to skin care. I started out with a pill that suited me, after trialing an array, which took its time when they suggest 6 months before each pill is in your system. Each hormone affecting my skin in a different way, none of which being the perfect solution. I settled with one called Loestrin. Which did help to an extent, only when it came to the time of the month I would develop huge boils under the skin which would be so painful I had headaches and felt sick. These took ages to heal and if I messed with them ( which of course I did) I would be left with big scars. My diet wasn't at its best due to a university lifestyle and I certainly didn't drink enough water, at the time I didn't realise how much these factors took a toll on my skin. 

I met my husband when I was at University and it was around then I really decided to take action. I tried any and every cream and skin care routine I could find. From Simple to Elemis, I spent a fortune and although some things helped for a short while there was no miracles happening. The more perfumed and expensive creams seemed to irritate my skin and leave me red and blotchy, even Elemis Anti Redness Cream would make me red??, yet the Simple range just wasn't helping enough. I finally took action and saw a dermatologist. I never thought my skin bad enough for an appointment and although I wasn't at a level for drugs such as Roaccutane, it wasn't clear and every adult deserves clear skin. I was started on NeoStrata Foaming Glycolic Wash . This has a small amount of Acid in, which takes away your top layers of skin, helping clean pores and decrease scars. This worked a treat for a couple of weeks, she recommended I use a couple of times a day which sometimes made my face sore, but it worked so I wasn't complaining. Until, I missed a day due to life. I would immediately break out. I realised my skin was dependant on the wash and weaned myself off it before heading back to see my dermatologist. She then changed me onto a Derma Roller, to be used as often as I liked and slowly using less as needed. A Derma Roller is a device that rolls tiny needles over your skin to slightly damage the surface and cause the skin to renew itself. I was told not to use anything after using it, which felt strange and extremely dry but did the trick. I now use my Derma Roller if I feel my skin is having a bad day but I no longer have break outs just maybe the odd black head, my scars are improving and my skin tone is more even then ever. I hardly ever wear makeup unless we are out out and I am slowly reaching my goal of great skin. 


My full skin care routine;

Derma Roller   I started using once a day, now I use once a week. You can by these off the internet although I would recommend talking to a dermatologist first. 

Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream   This is my every day face cream, it feels amazing on your skin, it's light and not perfumed. 

Immortelle Precious Night Cream L'occitane This is my night cream, its heavier than the day cream, you can really feel it nourishing your skin and also good for sensitive skin. 

and lots of W A T E R. 

and thats it. I find a more simple routine is easier to maintain and this is working for me. 



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