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Really good bags to go with your nappy bag.

Really good bags to go with your nappy bag.

Ok so we, like a lot of women, LOVE our handbags. But of course when you become a mum you suddenly have to carry THE ENTIRE WORLD incase of any senarieor ever happening. Bottles, nappies, a change of clothes incase they shit through first set, another change of clothes incase they shit through that one too (we've said shit a lot tonight), calpol, toys, teething gels, snacks, suncream, hat, cardigan, raincoat etc etc etc... Baiscally more stuff than the leather in your Givency will give out too. 

BUT this does not mean we cannot be without a bag, no no. You see, although you might have to ditch the over sized shopper for a nappy bag what you will now require more than ever before is a 'cross-body shoulder bag'. YES you NEED one (we say to ourselves). Mostly, because if you are anything like us then your child has taken most of your brain and therefore you LOSE EVERYTHING. Keys, wallet, car park ticket, any form of credit card. They go into that nappy bag and never come out. So, you need a small, light bag that carries your essentials which doesn't laden you down.

And here you have our favourites currently in stores, hello pushing present.....; 

Saint Laurent Monogramme Sac Universite textured-leather shoulder bag

This is the one Lauren is wearing in our instagram post. YSL has a certain longevity over it that some other brands don't, it feel timeless and therefore a good investment. This classic black leather bag goes with EVERYTHING and Lauren has warn and warn and warn hers time and time again. Not too small, the prefect size.


Hill & Friends Happy Bag

Firstly its pink, errr need we say more? But we LOVE this little cross over bag by Hill & Friends, fashions friendliest brand. It also comes in leopard, we know.. but its out of stock wahh....this beauty however isn't!!! The perfect splash of colour to lets face it a wardrobe full of black. 


Topshop Otley Cross Body Bag.

We love this highstreeter! This picture doesn't show it but it comes with a few compartments. A little like the celine but a bit bigger and about a tenth of the cost! It also comes in light blue and REDDDDD!!!! 


Celine trio bag

Ok so since we mentioned Celine we felt we couldn't NOT put it in the mix. We LOVE this bag. A pure classic, chic and has THREE compartments which is essential 3 bags in one. It also comes in about a million different colours. Convinced yet?


Gucci soho disco cross-body bag

Gucci is really having its time isn't it. It is blogger gold right now. In fact are you even a blogger is you don't own a belt, loafers or this bag? Questionable. But we are suckers for it, bought into it massively. We love this bag so much we may or may not have it in a few colours. 



Allsaints Mori Nubuck crossbody bag

Another highstreet hero. We haven't included many high street brands in the blog but Allsaints do some really great middle ground price ranged bags that are a bit less twee then other stores. This nubuck is slightly bigger than any we've mentioned before but the quality still remains. It doesn't look like a knock off of a designer and yet still keeps its own brand identity. We love this. 


Aspinal of London Large Leopard Print pouch

Ok so NOT a cross-body bag, BUT just as handy this amazing Aspinal pouch! Jess has this in navy and uses it everyday, but WE LOVE IT IN LEOPARD!!!! So we had to shout about it- WANT & NEED even if it doesn't entirely fit the brief!!!!! Oh and did we mention you can PERSONALISE IT!!!! HOLLLLLAAA. 

Twins; Double the love, double the stuff

Twins; Double the love, double the stuff

Our favourite baby products from bath to bed.

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