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Our favourite pjs that fit a preggo too.

Our favourite pjs that fit a preggo too.

It has never been hidden that we are partial to a pyjama. So much so that at some point or another in our relatively short friendship we have messaged each other with a pic of new pjs urging the other to buy them too, to witness such comforts. Possibly because our men are away so much, pyjamas are the number one signal to us that the day is coming to an end and we get to open the wine and chocolate without being summoned to stop a baby playing with the bin or a toddler from tormenting the dog. 

So as the nights draw in and we have no excuse NOT to be in them. We thought we'd pull together our current favourites that are bump friendly too. Who said style couldn't to go to sleep!

H&M Cotton Night Shirt

These are THE PERFECT bed wear when you're preggo. Easy to put on, easy to pee in, cool, big comfortable, quick to dry when you've realised you've been wearing it for 5 days and it is starting to smell. Also a great labour purchase, and for post baby when you can't move much and/or you're breast feeding. They are also cheap enough to not care about how milk, puke and tear stained they get. Lauren lived in these and she was pregnant all through winter last year.

The White company classic jersey pyjama set

If The White company only sold Candles, bedding and Pyjamas I think they'd still be a thriving business. These jersey pjs are soooo comfortable, also great tip they are perfect for a growing bump as the waste is a soft, lose elastic. They grow with you. Lets be honest you spend so much time trying to be comfortable in pregnancy its nice to find something that isn't maternity that still fits you at week 40!


M&S cotton rich star print long sleeve pjs

Does anybody else sneak a pair of PJs into their M&S shop and pretend that its part of the food bill? No, just us? Admittedly my nan also buys hers nightwear from here BUT thats why M&S is so bloody great, every now and then they have some that we just can't say no to. Lauren put an image on our story of these a month back and so many people asked where they were from, even her mum! So comfy, not really 'pjy' and yes we have been known to pass them off as a chav suit on an emergency milk run to tesco

Eberjey Gisele Jersey Pyjama set

The rolls royce of the pyjama world. Yes, I said that. Lets be honest you spend half your life in bed, you shell out for expensive high thread count sheets, so why not treat yourself to these beauties. It was hard for us to pic which ones we love the most but we went with jersey, much like the white company they will stretch to fit over that bump and back again. An american brand but Selfridges and Net a porter have a great range to save the import taxes. 

HA designs sleep satin luxe long sleeve pyjama set

What do we love more than pyjamas, personalise pyjamas that what! Our initials, your baby daddys initials or even your new babes. HA sleep (which, lets be honest is how we refer to sleep all the time now) are the perfect personalised touch, and owned by a lovely mama of two boys. if you're scared of white, which we are there are there colours too!! check them out.

ParentFolk Column: She's the one.

ParentFolk Column: She's the one.

Hair today gone tomorrow.

Hair today gone tomorrow.