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Putting up with us presents for new dads

Putting up with us presents for new dads

Push, shove, pull, extract, slice, we are big advocates for a pushing present no matter how those babes come out. We've grown them, housed them and changed our entire bods for them so our mens wallets deserve a little reshaping too. But we also appreciate that we've been massive hormonal bitches for the past 9 months so once the hormones have settled and we have a handle on life once again we think it is nice for baby daddy to receive a little treat that isn't a shitty nappy at 4am. 

Here is a list of 'putting up with us' presents for new dads, which could help you just in time for Christmas too. 

Digital Camera -Olympus PEN E-PL8

You'll have 800,000 photos of your new baby on your iPhone, so many you'll block it up within a week. So a digital camera is a blowing ball present of dreams, you'll get beautiful pictures of your babe and you may even be in some too. This Olympus pen is a tried and tested favourite of ours, and in this brown leather it looks good too.

Personalised leather keyring with leather case- Not on the high street

We love this! A token gift that the boys can take everywhere they go. You can either initial it with your new babies initials or your hubbies so he knows they are his keys! Then add your favourite picture in it, so he doesn't forget his responsibilities at home!! ;)

Personalised initialed trainers- Adidas

Whether its football boots, rugger boots, or just a pair of amazing kicks get your new sprogs name personalised on them, if your other halves are anything like ours footwear are the pathway to their souls and they will love you forever,  


Picture memory book- Apple

Apple products do some amazing personalised gifts. You can make them up in your iphone app and they come bound and beautiful. Why not pic your favourite pictures of your journey so far together and pull the sentimental heart strings. 


Monthly Beer subscription- Beer52

This one needs little explanation. Beer. 


PAPA Sweatshirt- Selfish Mother

Just incase he forgets who he is, get it on a sweater for him!! These sweatshirts are amazingly soft, hard wearing and stylish. They are also charitable, £5 of each sold go to chosen charity. We are sure you're all aware on them!

Coffee Machine- Nespresso

Coffeeeeeee. He'll need it. You'll need it. It will come part of the routine. Just remember to wash the milk brother out because NO ONE wants hat job the next morning... VOM. 

Baby changing man friendly backpack- Tiba & Marl

We are big fans of Tiba and Marl. The leather back packs are entirely men friendly, it will make him feel included that you've bought a back pack that is stylish and man criticism free too. Lauren's husband Rob is more than happy to rock one of these out to meet with the rugby boys for coffee. Says it all really. 

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