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Pushing present lust.

Pushing present lust.

Some people believe in them, some people don't. WE ARE BELIEVERS!!! (sorry boys)  

Whilst we appreciate that we've just convinced you men that we need to spend nearly a grand on a pram, not to mention ALL the other shit; cot, car seat, play mat thingy, clothes, moses basket the list goes on. We are also aware that these items are for US and OUR baby, and whilst we think you've been bloody amazing throughout our pregnancy, the fact of the matter is you didn't have to stretch your uterus, gain 3 stone or carry then push a watermelon out of your vag which may or may not have ripped you from hole to hole! We've also not drunk or felt like doing much for 9 months, so look at it as the saving you made from this.

So in light of that there is only one rule with a pushing present. It has to be non practical, non babyfied but pretty and make your mrs feel extra special, we promise you it will be worth it. Here is my wish list. (Bob if you're reading this the bottom two items will make me shave my legs again,  but probably bankrupt us..  swings and roundabouts...)

1. YSL mini 'LOVE' heart chain bag from Farfetch - We've got the lug a baby changing bag around, and despite every effort to make them 'cooler' they are still for putting shitty nappies in, so a lovely little cross body bag would be perfect for the keys we'll always lose and the money we no longer have. 

2. Jimmy Choo Youth lined boots from Jimmy Choo. - We are going to be doing a lot of walking (coffeeing and lunching with our maternity leave pals) so need something comfortable, but designer to wear. This counts as practical which is against the rules but we always say I do to choo!

3. Spa Vouchers from Cowshed- Preferably with a nights stay at Babington house to go along with them. Some alone time, even if just for an hours treatment. You take the babe and we'll be rubbed down by someone. 

4. J brand leather pants from Net-a-porter - How about this.. You buy us these and we promise to shed the baby weight to get back into them. Pretty please, I mean come on we've been wearing leggings for 9 months we need these! 

5. Links of London initial necklace from Links of London - Wth our new babes initials on it. I love the sentiment in this one.

6. The White Company dressing gown.- It's winter and we'll be spending a lot of time curled up with our newborn, so although we are looking forward to slipping back into the silk negloges you have bought us previously this dressing gown is made of heaven.

7. Sara Pope print- 'Temptation' from Art Republic Art republic is my favourite place to get art for your home from and we LOVE this Sara Pope print! 

8. Jo Malone candles- Now that you don;t feel sick at the smell of EVERYTHING, Its time to make the house smell like heaven again (to mask the baby poo and sick, yey!) 

9. PT sessions- TREAD CAREFULLY HERE BOYS! This might be some peoples hell and beware of the raging women who takes offence to you asking her to get her body back moments after she's given birth. But for us it is an hour to ourselves once a week where we can concentrate on us and get back to feeling fab! 

Then if you REALLY love us or our labour lasts longer that 24 hours then you could chose from this list, thanks BABE: 

The Mum Club guide to packing your hospital bag

The Mum Club guide to packing your hospital bag

PUPPS, the pregnancy rash not baby dogs

PUPPS, the pregnancy rash not baby dogs