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Plastic fantastic; how to hide the crap

Plastic fantastic; how to hide the crap

We are convinced that if you were to wide screen on some instagram pages, carefully curated, tonally perfect, wooden toy playing shot, you'd see a fisher price corner stash of plastic crap. 

You see whilst pregnant I sifted through these instagram pages imagining my new babe dressed in a back buttoned cashmere onesie, playing with it's hand crafted wooden teether and baby gym on a soft sheepskin rug.  Our glass bottled ornaments and indoor plants in tact. Lamps on tables, the bin unnoticed...We complimented this by convincing ourselves that nothing would change too much as we bought expensive baby items that fitted with our living room colour scheme. 

Fast forward 9 months and I'm sat it what can only be described as Mr Tumbles wet dream. You see it turns out that kids don't really care for your interior tastes, nor do they respect that somethings are just not meant to be touched, pulled up on, licked or mostly, eaten. Your friends and family are in competition with each other to buy your childs affection with hordes of colour, the bigger the tat the more they love it. So whilst at first I tried hard to stay clear, sleep deprivation kicks in and you lean- verutally fall over, to 'whatever makes them happy' attitudes. And to be honest whilst it pains my interior motives I want my children to grow up creative full of colour and imagination, not just see in tones of Farrow & Ball  (despite how much i yearn for it). 

So how have we combated the complete house take over? Well,  you'll soon realise that when you have a baby EVERYTHING is a danger. The only real way to stop your whole house becoming a soft play is to corner off an area. We've created an indoor play gym, if you will, complete with 3 foot cuddly dog (thanks godfather) and rainforest jumperoo (will save lives). I found a huge baby pen on Facebook market place (nb: do not google baby cage!) and managed to find a wooden one (YES SOMETHING WOODEN) from a family who lived close by for £40, woohoo! I opened it up full length (so it felt less cagey)  and separated the kitchen, one side kitchen, full of lethal objects, the other side rugs, soft play, scatter cushion heaven.

Then I searched high and low for things that will hide the junk for the majority of the time, or at least tame it. Here I share with you these finds in hope that your take over will be some what controlled.. as much as it can be! Screw you insta. 

Costways Amazon wooden baby pen can be opened up to use as a long room divider. You can also paint this... HELLO F&B!!! Don't forget to try Facebook market place before you buy full price. 


H&M Home braided storage baskets. Is anyone else as addicted to the new H&M home range, Nice and it doesn't break the bank!! hurrah. 

Ikea Ibsker rug- I get asked a lot where our rug is from. Ikea of course, also Dunelm do good rugs too. So we have one half play mat, one half rug for all those landings!!!

Made Cara toy box Ahh the 7pm hidden box of dreams, who knows what is in there by the end of the day, soggy bread, rice cake, raisins. But we don't care because we can't see it!


Scandiborn Play and Go Toy bag. Mother of All Adventures mentioned these in her story yesterday and they are genius. Play all you want within the bag and then just draw string that shit right up!!!


The Modern Nursery Play Mat. Ok so we went for the multi coloured numbers version from ELC, but if you're willing to spend a little more monochrome does exist! woohoo! 


Daisies and Dinosaurs Misioo round ball pit Its soft and a lovely light grey. You can also chose which colour balls you have! An interior, crap avoiding dream. 

How I'm trying to stay fit growing two babies

How I'm trying to stay fit growing two babies

Hair today gone tomorrow.

Hair today gone tomorrow.