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The Fourth Trimester; our musts!

The Fourth Trimester; our musts!

No-one really talks about the Fourth Trimester. What even is it I hear you all cry. Well its the 3 months post birth, when your newborn still wants to be curled up inside you. Most mammals when they are born, walk a few moments later. We on the other hand are born very early, too early really, we need a lot more nurture both baby AND mummy that is. It is good to think about this as an extended trimester, as it makes us think a little more about slowing down, closing the door and taking our time in those fragile sleep deprived minefield months when we are learning to be mums and they are learning to be alive.

So here are our top tips we wish we had been told before we’d had our babies.

Save a little to be able to pay for the help you need 

This is our number one tip. For the first few months you’ll be in a fog, an exhausted fog. If you can set aside some money before giving birth to pay for help around your house it is money very well spent. Have someone clean your house once a week, do your ironing, even do your washing too. Everything will feel better in a clean house and clean clothes. Need someone to sit with baby whilst you have a shower you’ll find it hard to ask people you know so find a good baby sitter someone you really trust and get them to give you an hour to yourself so you can sit in the bath with cabbages on your boobs alone. Or, why not hire a night nanny for a night… This isn’t you failing to do everything, this is reality you CANNOT DO EVERYTHING. Delegate and regain your strength feeling fresh.

Take post partum multi vitamins.

Don’t just go cold turkey on your pregnancy vitimins. Get some post partum ones in. You’ll have given every single last thing you have to your baby and probably lacking in iron and all the vits. Keep these topped up it’ll make you feel much better even on very little sleep. 

We use these, but do your research you might prefer something different.

Stay Comfortable

You do not need to be in your pleathers the day after you give birth. Obviously if these make you feel incredible and are comfortable then go for it. But stay comfortable even if you want to feel glamorous. Get some lovely lounge wear sets so that you change out of your pjs each day after a shower but you aren’t wondering around the Trafford centre in your Spanx and Loubs! We recommend sets like this Missy Empire set, we still wear it ALL the time. Check our Highlights on instagram WHAT WE WEAR.

Do your grocery shop online or order in Cook meals.

It’ll save everyone the hassle. Taking a new born to do a big shop is not fun. Don’t stress yourself out with it, order it straight to your door. Cook is brilliant too. You can order meals straight to your door, you’ll get the wholesome nutrition you need and you can freeze them. Don’t try to be Martha Stuart right now, there is time for that later.. well sort of! Now its about survival.

Get Netflix 

Netflix and chill…. but NOT that kind of Netflix and chill. We mean it actually. Get into some box sets. This is really the only time in your life that you can watch an entire box set in a day and not feel any guilt. This doesn't mean we still don’t do this, but it comes with a bit of ‘shit I should have moved today’ . So rewatch your faves, or start on something new. This list is always updated and saves a shed load of time scrolling . Oh and ignore the Netflix judgement- YES WE ARE STILL WATCHING BARBARA!

Give yourself a routine.

Wake up, make a coffee, have a shower every morning. Even if you’ve had a sitter of a night. Just do it. You’ll feel brand new.

Let the men in

No we don’t mean off the street! Rest whilst you can. If you have done the night shift feeding, then when baby wakes early feed him, give him to dad to take downstairs and give yourself a 3 hour kip until the next feed (unless you bottle feed then run away…jk!) do the same in the evening, do an evening feed then go to bed for 3 hours, until dad brings them up for the next feed.

Treat yourself

Find a good mobile beautician and Hairdresser. Get them to pop round and blow dry your hair every now and then int hose first few months, Paint your toenails and fingers a bright colour. Look after yourself. You are very important right now. If you do not feel good no-one else feels good.



The Mum diet

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