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Our morning at Abington Park with Chloe Madeley

Our morning at Abington Park with Chloe Madeley

It was a very crisp November morning in Northampton. The dew was still on the ground and the sun was low in the sky. In the distance a figure appeared from behind the fog. A silhouette of a woman. Blonde hair blowing in the frosty air as she whipped it back and forth like a L'oreal advert, her Chanel trainers striding through the moist grass driven by thighs built from steal. Weight in one hand and protein shake occupying the other. 

It was only bloody Chloe Madeley!

'Fancy a work out girls?'  she called.

'Oh go on then' we replied.

...And that is how our story began. 

(Okay maybe it didn't go exactly like that, but we were in the park and she was wearing Chanel trainers.)

From our pregnant Lauren:

I read a blog the other day that described being pregnant like 'constantly trying to fold a bowling ball in half', I couldn't have put it better myself. It is extremely difficult to share your body, not only do you feel exhausted from the extra weight, but your organs are all being crushed to fit said bowling ball in which means you are constantly breathless and don't even get me started on pregnancy insomnia!!  So as you can imagine the idea of just getting off of the sofa, let alone working out feels like hard work. 

But much like your pre pregnant self exercise WILL make you feel better, it will give you more energy and it will help you sleep better at night. Of course every pregnancy is very different and the no one rule fits all applies. I had to rule out working out for my first and second trimester as I was riddled with sickness and well, a rash (read more here) But since my third trimester has hit I have been making sure I exercise for at least half an hour a day. Whether it be a walk, a swim, a static bike ride or a weight lifting workout; although it hasn't made me slim (I am pregnant after all!) It has made me feel strong, energised and well.. normal! I just make sure I rest for the remainder of the day and fuel my body.

Chloe has written a thorough blog in which she gives you a work out you can follow.  It is important you read everything she states to make sure you go at your own pace, and that you listen to your body. If there is any time in which you feel too tired to continue then stop. This is not like a pre pregnancy work out, you do not need to challenge yourself, you need to look after yourself.

Check it out here! 





My Little Piccolo

My Little Piccolo

Pushing present lust.

Pushing present lust.