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Our top 5 teething essentials

Our top 5 teething essentials

Lets be honest Teething is a BITCH. You've just got your baby to sleep through the night, and suddenly TEETHING happens. You'll know, its more like a mothers instinct. Their can be a plethora of symtoms (all of with R had!!!) the first for us was she started with being clingy, a sort of maony teenager kind of unhappy. The next is she couldn't keep her hands out of her mouth. Then the rashy bum appeared. This was quite alarming at first as it looked SO sore just over night! So here, are our top 5 teeth essentials... of course Calpol & Ibuprofen are out NUMBER 1's but these are the next essentials, and what we use first before we turn to the good stuff. Also Cuddles..... Cuddles can help teething so much, just not as helpful at 3am when Mumma hasn't slept for 5 days. 

Nelsons Teething granules

'What do they do' ask our parents... erm we don't actually know. But they work so...! After you get over the initial 'this looks like crack for kids' you'll be buying it in the shed loads. 


Calgel Teething Gel

I bought quite a few different teething gels and tried them out on myself. This was the one I thought was the best, maybe do the same? Also helps you understand what they feel. I pop this on dummy too, especially if its not the first set of teeth...low risk of having your fingers chomped off.

Tip: Keep this in the fridge so its nice and cold and acts as an extra soother. 

Metanium Nappy Rash Cream

This stuff is magic. Actual magic. You can have the sorest of bottoms staring at you. Blistered over night and red raw and a layer of this and within a few hours/ over night it will have gone down! Miracle. The only warning is this is YELLOW AND STAINS EVERYTHING!!!!!! So you'll need to hold down a wriggling toddler and towel everything before laying them on your white sheets! 

Sophie la Girafe

Oh Sophie you babe! Honest I don't know how we would have coped without her. We've been through 3.. One lost and one got a bit grim! Light for baby to hold and they can get it farm enough in their mouths to give her a good old chew. 

Teething Amber bracelet

Do they work? Don't they work? Jess swears by them, Lauren hasn't used them as Ronnie kept taking it off. But maybe should have introduced it earlier! Our tip is to get an ankle and to pop socks on over it at night incase it comes off. Who knows if amber helps, but we will try most things! 

She's the one

She's the one

Jess' additional newborn essentials, this time round

Jess' additional newborn essentials, this time round