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No more nappies

No more nappies

It has been over a year since Nell was potty trained. It took one week to potty train her and since then she has been an A* student when it comes to the toilet department. Apart from the fact she likes me to go with her when 'dropping the kids at the pool', but the conversations not bad and I mean, what else have I got to do? 

She had worn a pull up at night since that week and every morning it was heavy with whizz. She was way overdue to get rid of the pull up I just couldn't figure out how I was going to wean her off them? She would go last thing before bed and as she sleeps through the night religiously, waking her up in the middle of the night goes against every fibre in my body, I just couldn't figure how this was going to work? We talked about how she is too big for her pull ups now and big girls don't wear nappies, this conversation made slightly more difficult due to Nell thinking my massive period pads were 'Mummies nappies' and we are wayyyyy off the whole period chat just yet. 

I found some training pants online, basically a heavy lined pair of pants, enough to soak up one wee but also feel like you have wet yourself and decided we would give them ago.  

Day One Of Training Pants; within 30 minutes of training pants being on Nell waddles over like a John Wayne explaining she had whizzed. 

New strategy was needed. But what?

Realising that she was just being lazy and if pull up or pants were on then why would she need a toilet run when you can just go during Ben and Holly and not miss a second of the riveting storyline, we decided cold turkey was the only way. 

Day One Cold Turkey; Dry.  I couldn't believe it. She sleeps solid from 7:30 till 7:30 and the bed was dry. Maybe its a fluke. 

Day Two; Dry

Day Three; DRY... you get the jist. Its been over a week now of dry nights and thats it. 

No more buying over priced pull ups and dealing with heavy morning whizz nappies. 



*If cold turkey doesn't work for your child I will not be held responsible for soggy sheets.

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