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Newborn gift ideas that aren't flowers or clothes.

Newborn gift ideas that aren't flowers or clothes.

Did anyone see Kim K's flower show down on Instagram. Holy hell, what does she do with all of those blooms. Although beautiful it all felt like an incredible waste of money didn't it? When we both gave birth our houses resembled a florist too but not quite flower embedded unicorns (yes unicorns!!!) but a lot, and whilst we LOVE 'em (husbands if reading this does NOT apply to you) it was just something else to keep alive and we can't help but think your money would be better spent on shit we ACTUALLY NEED! The other thing is you get SO MANY BABY CLOTHES, and fairly impractical ones too, sorry childless party friend, no she didn't wear the size 0 trainers... but they are CUTE!

So we've put together some bits for both baby that we think your new mum pals will love and make good use of. 

Grooming kit

A friend bought me the Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature Baby Healthcare Kit when Ronnie was born and she has used every piece and still uses it daily. Ok, it's not the most glamorous gift but in all honesty you're just trying to keep the tiny thing alive in those early days so clippers/scissors to keep their nails short, a snot sucker-yes really-to try (and usually fail) to clear the nose, soft hair brush and comb and that all important thermometer to calm the post-jabs panic were all too welcome. It comes in a handy travel case to keep it all together too. It's a really great little kit and at just £12 it's pretty reasonable too. You really only need one of these though, so give a gift receipt! 

Baby Bath set

One of the most useful presents we received was a 'box of practical shit' from a very practical friend of ours. In it was a water jug and bath thermometer we used them every day in the beginning, obviously the thermometer becomes less important as you get used to the temperature pretty quickly and guess work is used. Throw in some stick on foam bath shapes (which R is obsessed with) and DON'T NOT FORGET THE ORGANISER...  you have yourself the perfect little gift set. Practical AND fun! All of these can be found at Jojo Maman Bebe

Sleeping bag

We've raved abut these a few times now but Ronnie hated to be swaddled, being restricted is not in her genes (whoops) she wanted to be free. However so free that she'd kick off every blanket and being born in the winter months this was a problem. Enter the grow bag.. we opted for Mori's as it is soooo soft, so good in fact I want a big one to climb into myself. But we recently turned to JoJo for one with sleeves, to keep her a little more snug! Highly recommended. My only tip is maybe buy two, so that one is in the wash you have back up!!


This might sound silly as Ronnie was entertained by a black and white cushion when weeks old. But people rarely buy toys for a newborn. They buy teddies and soft items. But the very newborn newborn stage lasts only a few weeks. Soon they need to be stimulated. Of course the seemingly obvious is Lamaze, they do a huge range of buggy, play mat, car seat toys all of which your kid will love. But a friend of my sisters actually bought Ronnie this 'Manhattan Toy Skwish Classic' wooden toy, and at first I didn't have a clue how a baby would be interested but it is by far Ronnie's favourite!

Baby Towels

Of course you can use any towel for a baby but it's far cuter if it makes them look like a little bunny! This one is from Molly and Moo and is perfect for wrapping a newborn in.  Ronnie was also gifted a Mori one with her name on. Anything with a name on is a winner, we've just spent 9 months choosing it, please celebrate that with us by putting it on EVERYTHING!! 



What? They don't get teeth for ages right? That may be so, but the desire to put anything and everything in their mouth starts much earlier, sooner than they acquire the co-ordination to do so effectively.  My Friend Goo is made of really lightweight natural rubber so much easier to hold from a younger age and super-soft too. It's made by mama of two on her mat leave who designed it for her own daughter and is £9.99.  Then there is Matchstick Monkey, a favourite in our house!

Artipoppe Wraps & baby carrier

This is a bit for mama but a bit for baby. Because hello, its leopard and you know how much we bloody love leopard print!! A beautiful accessory for mum but will also support your babe on your daily walks...to get them to sleep ;)


So there we have it, a few handy gifts that mum will appreciate and babe will get use out of...next up we are going to be looking at gifts for Mumma....and boy you know we love a gift for mum so stay tuned. 

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