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Baby shower gifts for the Mumma.

Baby shower gifts for the Mumma.

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For the eye bags. No, this isn't like buying someone anti wrinkle cream, although we’d actually welcome that! A friend of mine actually messaged me the other week to ask if this was a great present...and WE THINK YES! This under bag concealer & highlighter will be this new mums BEST FRIEND, a present she may not value until labour day.


Not only will you helping the environment, but this will be used by a new mama every day. We know of so many non coffee drinking women who have turned to the black crack post baby! Apparently glass tastes better than plastic.. and these are raved about (Thanks @assetmaye got the tip)


Find her local hairdressers and pre pay for mama to have a wash and blow dry a week or so post birth. No, not to go out with. To pop out for half an hours alone time whilst dad or nan or a friend has baby and they get to have their hair washed without worrying about anything.. to then come home and put on a fresh pair of pjs. Trust us, she will LOVE you for this one.



Our greatest love is candles. There is nothing that says luxury more than here is a candle, burn whilst you're having a bath alone. Its obviously not for baby,  which in these beginning months is great to have something that is just for you. Also it pains us a little to spend this much on a candle so when someone does it for us, WIN!!! Also a tip, wash them out when they are done and use the jars for all sorts! Stylish Tooth brush holder anyone?


After birth you really don't want to be moving much for a good two weeks, granted if you have other kids you may not be able to do this. But when you are home you need to be your most comfortable, and as MASSIVE FANS of lounge wear ourselves we couldn't think of a nicer present then a beautiful set of pjs for a new mummy. 




All the alcohol.


The last thing mama is going to feel like doing post birth is cooking. So if you don't fancy yourself as a cook either send her some cook vouchers. They deliver and she can rest knowing that her and hubs will be fed too. Never under estimate the power of food when you're exhausted, it can make any day feel so much better and if she's breast feeding she'll be hungry ALL THE TIME.

Artipope baby carrier.

Club otter with other baby shower goers and get something that is for baby but that looks amazing on Mumma but is not something shed spend her money on. Wedd this for a friend recently and she LOVED IT!

Personalised necklace

We wear ours everyday. If you don’t nw the name of their prog yet then just leave it plain and they can have it engraved at a later date. Personalised everything please!


She’s pregnant cake is always welcomed, always!

A loaded coffee card.

Go with one that has a drive through. The coffee tastes shit but she won’t care, trust us. Those early morning wake ups or all night discos will be welcomes with a drive through and some one else cash to spend.


Netflix subscription

Ok so its the 21st century who doesn’t have netlifx. BUT if she doesn’t a years subscription is a great present. She’ll rinse it.

The Mum Club Breakfast Voucher!

Oh hello. Yes thats right she can use it on any of our breakfast anywhere any time. YOU ARE WELCOME.


Regaining your work confidence post baby.

Regaining your work confidence post baby.

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