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Mum Life Hacks

Mum Life Hacks

Tidy up once a day, or you’ll be tidying up all day.

Reward charts are life.

Perfect the stink eye for the social occasions when you can’t shout.

Put nappies, wipes and bum cream in every room that a nappy change may occur.

Never say you’re going to do something or go somewhere unless you are 1000% going to do it right NOW. Oh and make sure it is open!

Buy a parasol buggy (our personal fave Baby Zen Yoyo ) game changer!!

Get a pouch for the bottomless pit that is your baby bag to save hours on finding your keys, phone and wallet. TMC do a fabulous one ;)

Get a good babysitter. Then treat her like GOLD DUST

Put bottles in the dishwasher, just make sure the left over spaghetti dish isn’t in with them or they will come out a rank orange colour.

A soak bucket, ( I have never felt more mum typing this but here goes..) A bucket of water with some vanish in, for all the nappy explosions and orange purée dinners that ruin their clothes. stick them straight into the bucket until you have time to put a wash on and they will survive to see another day.

Accept it or ask for help.

They don’t need a bath every night, wet wipe the important bits and take a chill Mama.

TMC GIFT GUIDE: Fathers Day.

TMC GIFT GUIDE: Fathers Day.

Getting rid of dummy

Getting rid of dummy