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TMC's Essential maternity wardrobe

TMC's Essential maternity wardrobe

Lets talk abut Maternity clothes. Now, even since we were last pregnant (yes even just a year ago!) the maternity wear game has changed. It changes very quickly year by year. Zara now has a mum range WTF! Ok so its mainly just oversized jumpers. But the fact they are thinking about preggos is a FAR cry from the floral smock jersey shit. Sorry Jojo we love you for so much but not your mat range!!!!!!!

In our opinion you really do not need to invest in £1000’s worth of stuff you’ll never wear again. But the basics are important to get right. See through leggings- NO THANK YOU! No one wants to see a pregnant arse on their daily commute! So we have put together our basic Maternity wear pieces we think are worth spending on once the hair band jean trick no longer works and when dressing like Bey is not appropriate.

A helpful hint: Maternity ranges in every shop is MUCH better online- in store they only have a small selection!


So where are the best Maternity leggings from the ones that don’t fall down, aren’t see through and don’t make you sweat your drooping tits off?

Our favourites are the Seraphine leggings some for under bump and some for over depending on what you find more comfortable when!


Over the bump, over the arse, for the days when the legging fabric is being pushed to its limits. Get a few, you’ll wear them alot. Make sure they are cool and comfortable cotton, not nylon! These are Newlook & Matalan.


The most common mistake when pregnant is to think you need to wear big to hide yourself, you’ll look bigger TRUST US!!! Best is to show off the bump and then hide the other bits, like our ass and arms because lets be honest we all hate those!!!

These New Look and Topshop dresses are my fave!


Chuck on a shirt over your legging vest combo or your tight body con dress. Think Chrissy Teigen!

The look combined….


The Best Preggo jeans for us were Topshop. Once the hair band trick no longer works its time to invest. No-one wants to be wearing jeans for long when pregs but they do make a good alternative to leggings.


The look combined…


You can dress it up, dress it down and it is SOOO COMFORTABLE. The only down side is getting naked to wee!

These are Hatch (a brand we LOVE) and Beyond nine, sooooo comfortable.

Team them with either kicks or heels to dress up or down. There is nothing worse then being uncomfortable, thank god jumpsuits are on Trend and we can basically be in our pjs when out to dinner!!!


Our favourite part. WE LOVE A PJ. So our top tip is that the White Company Jersey PJs grows with your bum and shrink back down again. We both LOVED ours during our pregnancies. BUT and I hate to do this as TWC has my heart BUT Primark have started to do them for £12!!!! YES YOU HEARD!!!!! They aren’t online, but in store, they come in a packet so loom out for them and buy them in every colour we urge you!

And nightshirts. Don’t have to be maternity, just buy a bigger size. They are also so good post baby for the night sweats and breast feeding!!


We started wearing maternity bras from quite early on in our pregnancy. Unwire has no place for a pregnant women and since you’re going to be buying maternity bras anyway you might as well get them now. These H&M once are perfect, we wouldn’t spend much money on them as you’ll want to burn them soon and they’ll get covered in milk.


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