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Have you ever fumbled your way one late night on to a mummy forum and found yourself attempting to translate the foreign codes they choose to chat in?

Like, what is the deal? Is it a status thing? To be taken more seriously as an official mum. We are all mums now therefore we suddenly speak fluent mum code? Maybe its throwing it back to MSN days when evry1 used 2 msg in rly shrt wrds, brb. Only now its not MSN it’s Mumsnet. Ooor are they just trying to save time? We get it, time is top on our Christmas list but is replacing Kid with ‘LO” really buying you that extra episode of Botched?? ..We think not.

All in all we just think it makes you sound like a bit of a nutter. An annoying one at that. BUT incase you are ever knee deep in forum hell and really need to know WTF they are all on about, here is;

TMC's’ Glossary of B.S

LO : Little One

SO : Significant Other

SAHM : Stay At Home Mum

WTF : What The Fuck

DH : Darling Husband ( Sick Face )

MIL : Mother In Law

SATC : Sex And The City

ODS : Older Darling Son

YDS : Younger Darling Son

IDGAF : I Don’t Give A Fuck

STTN : Sleeping Through The Night

CIO : Cry It Out

FTM : First Time Mum

JK : Just Kidding

EBF : Exclusively Breast Fed

FF : Formula Fed

ROFL : Rolling On The Floor Laughing

PT : Potty Train

BC : Birth Control

BS : BullShit

HPT : Home Pregnancy Test

DD : Darling Daughter

BDS : BirthDay Sex

NIP : Nursing In Public

KUWTK : Keeping Up With The Kardashians

We really hope this helps yourself and your LO and your DH or SO maybe even your MIL, you can read this in the daytime if you’re a SAHM whilst watching BS like KUWTK and EBF your DD. Now you get the gist.

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