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Jess' guide to packing your Hospital bag

Jess' guide to packing your Hospital bag

The time has come where I need to get my hospital bag ready, for real now, not just a few baby grows thrown in a bag and the idea to pack the rest at some point. Believe me you will NOT want to be packing nappies and wipes when your contracting every three minutes and just please don't leave it up to the hubby, explaining what those massive sanitary pads are for just isn't going to do much for your sex life post babes. This will be my third hospital bag I have packed so hopefully I should know what I'm doing by now. 

Packing your hospital bag can be exciting and scary, these are the actually items your baby will be coming home in, wearing for the first time, it can make it all seem very real. The site of tiny baby vests, mini hats and micro nappies still blows my mind and however cliche it sounds, you really do forget how small they are. 

*Please note that all brands used below are what we have chosen to use, this is not an ad and there are of course plenty of other great brands out there!*



1. Pampers Micro Nappies - The first question I had was how the hell do I know what size my baby will be. Well the truth is you won't. But nappies are pretty adaptable with growing room for your babes, alternatively your birthing partner can always make a mad dash to the nearest store, that or the midwifes secret supply will come out! As we are having twins we have bought micro baby with a stash of newborn at home.  

2. Water Wipes- I've chosen to use water wipes, wanting to use as natural a product as I can on my babies when they are born. If cotton wool and water is useable I tend to use that on new borns, then Pampers wipes as they get older.

3. MAMARULES Muslins -  You can get cotton Muslins squares for SUPER cheap from most baby stores or supermarkets. My advise is get them big. Mamarules muslins are so so soft and nice and big, you can use for swaddling, covering up when feeding or just moping up the drool. I have a couple of her prints now and she has just released some more so go check her out. 

4. John Lewis Short sleeve bodysuit - I love John Lewis for basics. They are always well made, don't bobble after one wash. These organic cotton vests are super soft and you get a pack of 5 for £9. win. 

5. Mori Sleepsuits x 2 - There is no softer baby grow on the market than Mori. Made from Bamboo cotton I am desperate for them to make a giant mum onsie for me to slip into. Mori also do incredible deals so sign up to their newsletter. We've just purchased their 'Clever sleeping bag' which you can used from 0-2, although its quite big so I wouldn't put a newborn in it.  If you sign up to their mailing address they have a lot of offers on and send out discount codes quite regularly! Score.

6. John Lewis Hats, Gloves and Boots - Like the bodysuits I also bought these essentials from John Lewis. Babies are used to being nice and warm inside your body so hats are essential as that is where they loose all their heat. Scratch mitts also for those little grabby fingers that always go for the face and booties incase you have footless baby grows. 

7. Zara Cardigan with Hood - I bought the twins these knit cardigans from zara. Although it will be winter when they are born. We wont be outside much, and with the bigger all in one teddy bear suits I worry they will over heat in the car. So I opted for cardigans where I can add blankets, hats etc as needed. 

8. Satin Edged Baby Blanket The White Company - I love a good cellular blanket and sticking with my grey theme I bought two of these from the white company, they are warm yet breathable, ideal for cars, cots and prams. The satin edge is also a lovely finish.  ideal for not blowing the bank at only £18. 

9. Joolz IZI Go Car Seat  - A staggering 70% of people do not fit their babies car seats correctly! That statistic makes me feel a little sick.  In my opinion there is no price too high for travel safety of anyone let alone your child. We had heard really good things about Joolz and also wanted a car seat that would fit onto the pram. In the past we used Stokke and now Nelly and Teddy are older they have Cybex car seats. 



So I've come to realise that this is the less fun bit. It's like packing for a really shit holiday. A holiday that needs sanitary pads thicker than a mattress and large granny cotton knickers is not one I wish to be taking any time soon! But alas, these are just a couple of the chic items I will need come d day. And since i'm guessing you don't need to see a picture of a breast pad whilst you eat your breakfast; here is a list of what is making the bag.

1. Hospital notes & birth 'plan'- I say this as lets face it not many peoples birth goes with thier plan!
2. Night shirt & PJs - Incase you have to stay, and you won't want to be wearing jeans! Labour wards are always hot so keep this in mind when packing clothing. This goes for hubby too.
3. Vaseline/ lip balm
4. Hairbrush/Hairbands
5. Tens Machine- I never used one and wont be this time but Lauren did, she bought hers off of amazon for about £30, but you can get them second hand off of eBay- note: make sure you have batteries packed if it needs them!!
6. Moisturiser
7. Snacks/drinks- For you and your birthing partners, it could be a LOOOONNNG few days and lets face it hospital food is grim even out of a vending machine. Although don't go over board, during my labour with Teddy, Courtney left me in hospital contracting every three minutes for a quick kfc drive thru.. true story. 
8. Slippers/ flip flops- which ever you prefer, comfort is key! 
9. Phone & Charger- If anything this will just help you pass the time. 
10. Music & headphones- I am currently making a playlist that I think will help me through labour. My favourite songs, nothing too head crazy but stuff to keep me calm and zone me out. I am a bit music fan, but I appreciate some people will not find this helpful!
11. Maternity pads- Thick ones, don't be shy, the thicker the better. Just trust me. 
12. Breast Pads- Your milk may or may not come in that early but its worth taking a few just incase. 
13. Going home outfit- leggings/ loungewear /loose dress .. do NOT pack jeans!
14. Toiletries- tooth brush/ Tooth paste/ Shampoo/ Conditioner/ Deodorant- take smells that remind you of being home and clean, it will make you feel much more comfortable and human.
15. Entertainment- Lauren took Book/ Crosswords/Magazines, but if your anything like me there is no time so don't over do this part. 
16. Cheap large knickers- So you can also take disposable knickers, but i can't even stand the ones they give you during a spray tan so god knows how i'd cope with the granny version. I'd rather have big soft cotton ones thanks!
17. Makeup /Makeup wipes- Do not feel the need to bring makeup! I just think i might want to make my face look a little less swollen at some point, be it for a photo or to leave feeling slightly human again!

Note: Hospitals are generally quite cramped so although we'd all love to take our kitchen sinks be mindful of the amount of stuff you take, keep it to two bags MAX as you'll also have a baby to carry home with you and by you we mean Dad.


So what bags am I using? I am taking my Gucci Baby Changing bag packed with baby essentials and Aspinal Holdall, as its just about large enough to host the sani pads. 


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