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TMC TIPS to help babe through a common cold.

TMC TIPS to help babe through a common cold.

Let’s be honest; Colds in young kids are a F***in’ ARSE!!!!! Being born without the ability to blow our nose is a REAL kill joy and of course if you want to have any freedom what so ever (nursery) or even just exist in this world then your babe will get at least one every few weeks in their first few years. Obviously we are entirely grateful that it is only a cold, but it can mean up to a week of sleepless nights for us rents and so we thought we’d let you know how we help our tots when they are all bunged up.

Disclaimer: We aren’t doctors, obviously. But we are mums sooooooo…..


Snuffle Babe Vapour rub

Smother this on the soles of your babies feet. Then put some socks on them. Even under a all in one we’d do this. Keeping your babies feet warm will also help them sleep and get over the virus. When they turn 2 you can turn to Vicks, the grown up stuff.

Air humidifer

Keep the air moist (hate that word) You can also add some nice oils to this too. It’ll keep the air damp so things don’t dry out. The last thing you want is a cough to come too. God help us all.

Pillow under their mattress to tilt the cot

If your baby hates a pillow or is too young for one then pop one under thier mattress which will tilt thier cot up. This will help the flame dripping down the back of thier little throats.

ALOT of fluids.

Water water water water. Or milk if your babe isn’t quite ready for the H2O.. Just keep topping them up. Fluids will loosen it all, plus we all know how good a good drink is! Over one; Warm water maunka honey Iyoull have to remortgage but the health benefits are endless) and lemon is a great drink to give to them to help fight it. The non spill cups we’ve linked are great for little ones to take to bed without getting soaked!

Home steam room.

If you have a separate shower and bath then during bath time switch the shower on REALLY HOT and let the bathroom steam up. This’ll act like a steam room and should help unblock them.

Calpol plug in

This send s a Vick like vapour around the room. Put it on a few hours before bedtime and let the room fill up so it helps little ones breath easily.

A teaspoon of honey ( from 1 year+)

Manuka honey will bankrupt you BUT it is the dogs bullocks of honey and can kill a lot of germs. But normal honey too is a great soother on the throat. If a teaspoon feels like a lot mix it with warm water and lemon and give them a good drink.

And finally if you must….MUST then get Nose Frida out.

Thats right, suck the snot out of thier nose. No they won’t thank you for it, but it may give you a few hours sleep. So worth it, kind of.. if you follow it with a massive gulp of wine.

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So what the f%&$ do I need..