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Spring Makeup Event Goodie Bags

Spring Makeup Event Goodie Bags

We had so much fun last night at our Spring Makeup Masterclass. A night for us; champagne, makeup, a store opening just for us and meeting new friends what is not to love!! So many brilliant ladies attended and we all learnt so much from the fabulous Jo! Who knew we were doing it so wrong, hey?

Not only did we dish out the invaluable advice on how to look less tired, but our attendees also went home with a goodie bag full of treats! 

As you may know we here at The Mum Club love to champion brands, it's part of what we do. We believe in supporting other businesses big and small because let's face it it takes a lot to build a business and there is nothing quite like the support of others. So we filled our goodie bags with lots of delicious brands here's what was inside;

Hurrah for Gin
We laughed and laughed and laughed when we first read this book, it is filled with the meme's that we screen shot and send to our mum pals! Well done Katie Kirby πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

Nails inc GEL EFFECT! 
The perfect nail polish for mums, hard wearing, quick to apply and cheaper than that Β£50 mani pedi! A quick 'I swear I spent time and effort on myself before I came out' fix. 

Grow Piccolo seeds
Remember at school when you used to grow your own cress, well here we have it. The modern version by one of our favourite childrens food brand Piccolo- teach your children where food comes from. 

The  London chocolate company.
Because we love chocolate and so should you. You are under no obligation to share the contents of this box, let's be honest they probably didn't make the car journey home! 

Lipo firm pro
This is for after the chocolate! 

Mama merchandise
15% off of Rachael Kellett's  mum merch. 

Elvie 20% discount
Yes that's right, the pelvic floor tracker that everyone is raving about. Let's be honest V has been through a lot in its time, it's time to give it back some love. 

Detangler spray when you're in no time to get yourself into knots and need a quick hair fix. The lovely team at Revlon have the answer.

Tui B 25% discount
We are of course big fans of Tui-B the New Zealand bread 'cool' kiddie brand. We host g them at or launch and lat night they gave our mums 20% discount!


We love Delilah cosmetics and it was the main brand used for the evenings look, not only is it not tested on animals the products are amazing. Every women deserves some understated luxury in their life, so we gifted the goodie bags with a lipstick in Hush. 


These beautiful Parkminster Soy candles were also included, with an array of scents that are all divine, I mean what women doesn't love a candle?



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Stop telling me to sleep!

Stop telling me to sleep!

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