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Favourite baby buys, so far..

Favourite baby buys, so far..

Iv put together a few things I have bought so far throughout my twin pregnancy, which to be honest isn't much as new dining room chairs and Farrow and Ball paint doesn't count apparently. Nesting for me means redecorating.. the whole house, to my husbands delight. Aside from already having a lot of the bulk stuff from the past two, it has taken me much longer to get my shit together for the impending arrival of the babies, I remember buying Nells first baby grow immediately after my 12 week scan and it wasn't too dissimilar when expecting Teddy, but it has taken me slightly longer with this pregnancy, for one it seems to be flying by! ..two I have been slightly more anxious due to all the risks that come with having two. We went for our 27 week scan the other day and got a big fat thumbs up that these identical bubbas are growing just great, so shopping has indeed begun. 

Mama Rules Muslin in Tropical Print I don't need to explain why I adore these muslins, just look at them. They are beautifully soft, amazing prints and made by a truly wonderful Mama. Go check her out.  

Reva Oval changing basket from The Tipi In my eyes changing tables are a big fat waste of money, do you have a table in your house? Then you pretty much have a changing table sorted. There are thousands of plastic mats you can buy to change your babies bum on but they don't have the same je ne sais quoi as this beautiful wicker basket. Place in a muslin blanket or thin bassinet mattress and you have a changing basket to complete any room you place it in. This has definitely been one of my favourite buys. 


Knit Cardigan  in Grey, although the twins will be born in the winter, we don't live somewhere that we can just walk to the shops so every trip out means a warm car and learning from the last two babies, they would get too hot in the car in big fluffy coats that are a pain to get on and off. So this time I have opted for these beautiful soft grey cardigans from Zara. This way they will be warm and I can top them up with blankets depending on the weather. 


Topshop Maternity Black Jamie Jeans  I don't like to by many maternity items unless I see myself wearing them after baby comes too but these jeans have lasted me through out all three pregnancies and in-between. They haven't lost their colour and don't leave you with a saggy gusset either like most maternity jeans. Win!


Classic jersey pyjamas  from The White Company, Lauren recommended these pjs to me, as we are both BIG lovers of loungewear and she convinced me that she could wear them through out the day without being judged by the posty as they look more lounge than pj. Super soft jersey material and nice and stretchy to fit over my bump! Perfect.


Textured Cashmere Set Zara So far this is the only set I have bought the twins, again due to lack of organisation but when I saw this set I just couldn't leave it in the store. It is SO soft and I'm a sucker for grey. I have been looking for sets over bodysuits due to the ease of changing and it will be winter when they arriver so they won't have to get completely nakey and cold when changing.



Sleepyhead Deluxe+ Baby Pod, Pristine White  As we have decided against buying two Moses baskets as we already have a huge crib that we have just moved into our bedroom. Slightly killing my zen, child free vibes but the white Boori Cot is stylish enough to blend in. Instead we have bought two Sleeyheads, I have heard rave reviews about these sleep pods for new borns and they are the ideal crib dividers so the twins feel safe and snug in the big crib.  I don't know yet wether they will prefer to share a sleep pod to begin with but I have bought two just incase. 



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Plastic fantastic; how to hide the crap

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