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Sleepy Cherry dreams

Sleepy Cherry dreams

Sleep is a MASSIVE conversation amongst us mums. Lack of it mainly. So of course if there is something that can help us achieve it we RUN LIKE THE F****ING WIND to purchase it. HELLO AMAZON PRIME. Gadgets, soft toys, singing things, white noise… you name it… we got it…so when we came across this gem we HAD TO SHARE. Because, like all of the above if there is a mum out there that gets a night sleep out of it, well then our job is DONE. We’ve recently directed a few mums to it and IT’S WORKED. Plus we found out our husbands take it post training at work.. which explains why they sleep through BLOODY EVERYTHING….So here we go…

We should probably write here that we are not doctors so please seek medical advice if you are unsure. But this is like prescribing orange squash so I think you’ll be ok.

So, what is it?


it’s 100% Cherry concentrate (Squash, in simple terms) made up of Tart Montmorency cherries. It is reported to contain high levels of 'phytochemical including melatonin, a molecule critical in regulating the sleep- wake cycle.

What does it do?

It is said to significantly improve the quality and duration of your sleep time.

Who is it for?

You, him, the kids… anyone over 6 months old can get involved.

How much of it do you need?

Lizzie Love’s healthy- The blog where we first heard of it from suggested the following:

5 ml twice for 6 months

10 ml twice for 9 months

15ml twice for 12 months plus (including us adults)

When to have it?

Say 3pm with afternoon snack & 6pm pre or post bath time..

Options of how to drink it.

With water

For us mamas we pop it into a small glass of water and knock it back.

Straight up

If your kid isn’t a smoothie fan or not used to juice drinks then we use a medicine mouth syringe and give it to them like medicine, straight up. Followed by a drink fo water to clear the taste as its very tarttt.

Cherry Smoothie

100g blueberries – frozen
120 ml apple juice
30ml cherry active concentrate
1 tablespoon natural yoghurt (I like Total O% Greek yoghurt)
1 tablespoon oats or flaxseed (optional)


Cherry fizz
30ml  CherryActive concentrate
250ml Lemonade or soda water
One lime slice
Ice (optional)


Juice of 1 lemon
80ml CherryActive  (I mean you might not wake up but… it’ll be good!)
80ml Amaretto
Small piece of root ginger, finely grated
150ml lemonade or soda water

The question on everyones lips are:


It is 100& natural, and therefore classed as food.The answer however is we are not medically trained to tell you this. There website. Active-edge seems to state the same. It is 100% natural so it is up to you to consult your doctor if you so wish to do so. But SOOOOO worth checking if it can help pregnancy insomnia LETS BE HONEST!!!!

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