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20 Facts about us

20 Facts about us

So here goes...

  1. We met through our husbands rugby careers. It was a sunny Saturday at the beautiful setting of Pennyhill Park Hotel, Lauren was swanning around child and worry free and Jess resembled a more frantic duck chasing down her two under two.

  2. Jess is originally from Nantwich, Cheshire and grew up on a dairy farm 17 years before moving to London. Lauren has lived in Dubai, South Africa, New York, Kent, London, Bath & Manchester.

  3. Jess has a major sweet tooth, we are talking Nutella morning, noon and night.

  4. Jess went to university in London and studied Classical and contemporary dance.

  5. Lauren has worked for the likes of Whistles, Babington House and Vogue US.

  6. Jess has one older sister and lauren has an older sister and a younger brother.

  7. Lauren was on Shipwrecked. (OMG)

  8. Jess has a funny eyebrow and qualified in HDBrows to help hide it better. (LOL)

  9. Lauren once partied with Jay-Z

  10. Jess has one tattoo on her hip that says 'family' in traditional balinese, she had it Poked in (ouch) and it was done in Bali on her honeymoon.

  11. Lauren has a tattoo that says 'a journey of a thousand miles starts with a first step'.

  12. Lauren got married at The Pig near Bath

  13. Jess had a Church service and a Marquee on her parents land.

  14. Lauren's favourite cuisine is Lebanese and hates Chinese.

  15. Jess loves cake...is that a cuisine?

  16. Lauren's swear by beauty tip is Sudacrem, which Rob calls the 'Berlin Wall'.. cus he aint coming in!

  17. Jess craved sausage rolls when pregnant and lauren was obsessed with chicken sandwiches. (like 5 a day)

  18. Jess lived next door to Howard from Take That and he once received her delivery of platform silver trainers (spice girl era).

  19. Lauren now has a 21 month old daughter called Ronnie Stella

  20. Jess fell pregnant with identical TWIN boys whilst trying for her 3rd baby. She now has 4 under 5. Nell, Teddy, Hugo & Otto.

  21. Lauren found out she was pregnant in Vietnam and now can't eat Vietnamese food.

  22. If Jess ever smells a vanilla plug in again it will be too soon. Thanks pregnancy.

F***ing wind

F***ing wind

Top Picks: Because our mothers told us to always take a coat.

Top Picks: Because our mothers told us to always take a coat.