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Shit you need to buy : Splurge vs Save

Shit you need to buy : Splurge vs Save

Ok so lets be honest; the newborn list is endless. Other than having the thing it's possibly the next scariest part of pregnancy. When I first fell pregnant my sister (mother of 2 under 4) sent me her essentials list (which I will post in another blog because it's SO USEFUL). There I was busy worrying about which handbag to ask for for my pushing present when BAM the list hit my emails like an unwanted vaginal itch ; It lingered and it made my eyes water but I knew I had to get it sorted (sorry!).

The truth is is that the list is long and it is going to cost you a lot of money. Even if you get the basic range on every product it will still set you back. The important part is not to panic. You've got just under a year to get it all and well, there is always a baby shower! So what parts of the list are important to get right? Well here I, along with some guidance from my mum friends, have put together a short list of a FEW of the items that we believe you should either splurge or save on. 

* Disclaimer: This is our opinion; and by no means a discredit to other brands, you must also do the best to what you can afford, this is merely guidance on what we have purchased*


CAR SEAT- Safety first people, always. Did you know that not every car seat fits every car? No I didn't either.  Did you also know that a shocking 70% of parents fit their baby car seats incorrectly! It is vital that you get the right guidance, make sure you get it fitted properly by professionals. Mothercare have a free fitting service or if you're super hot on safety like me you'll take a trip to an in car safety centre to get the best guidance you can. Sure, the best might set you back nearly £350 for the seat and base (yes you need a base!) but the first seat will last for 15 months, and the base until they are 5, and lets be honest there really is no price on your childs safety.  I purchased the Maxi Cosi Pebble Plus with the Maxi Cosi 2 Way Fix base, Jess has the Cybex range for her two.

MATTRESS- Your newborn will spend the majority of the first year of its life asleep (well you hope it will anyway!) therefore you should make sure that you make its bed as comfortable as possible. No, that doesn't mean an expensive crib or cot (I got ours second hand from a charity shop!) but in our opinion the mattress should be of the best quality and should never be second hand. Where you save on the frame work, splurge on the mattress. In our opinion you're looking at £150 + for quality. I bought ours from The little Green sheep, which you can get at John Lewis. Jess's kids are from The White Company who now have a Sale on!

BABY BAG- This is a tip from Jess. I quote 'Splurge on a baby bag, its been my sole handbag for 3 years' So I guess that says it all really. As you may have seen we are big fans of Tiba & Marl, because they won't break the bank but are super stylish unlike some of the polker dot equivalents on the high street. I have purchased the back pack Elwood version mainly to help sort my posture and as I refuse to replace the Chanel just yet! Jess's bag is Gucci.


HIGHCHAIR- Ok so you don't need to get this until your baby is weaning, but we felt it was an important one to talk about. DO NOT, we repeat DO NOT spend much money on a high chair. Ikea's Antilop high chair is the best on the market by far and it costs just £13 with the tray. My sister had it, my mum bought it, Jess wishes she had bought it (Jess bought the Bloom Fresco- pretty but a bitch to clean!) and I will definitely be getting it. Its easy to clean, light and well, CHEAP AS CHIPS!

PRAM- I hope my husband isn't reading this; because against my own advise I have just convinced him we NEED the latest Bugaboo. Jess too has a Stokke (equally beautiful, equally as unnecessary- our husbands are suckers) Whilst most people believe this is the thing to spend all your money on, and usually do (and sure we have both fallen into the trap) like the topshop version of the latest YSL, the truth is that the cheaper equivalents are very similar and perfectly adequate for your newborn. You do not really NEED the designer version, although they are pretty. It just depends how label dependant you are. A tip if you do go ahead and spend the big bucks is that they usually have an amazing resale value, just get them professionally cleaned once your bub is finished with it and get it on eBay!! Also your baby can use the carrycot part of the pram as a moses basket for the first few months of its life, if you want to double up and save some cash. 

BABY CLOTHES - We all get a little over excited with our first borns not quite realising the rate in which they grow. People will buy you baby clothes, mainly 0-3 months. So until you've had your baby shower, or at least right up until the birth just purchase a few packs of different sized all in one white onesies and vests, the best quality we have found are from Next. Also hand me downs are amazing, babies only wear onesies a few times so give them a good wash and some (not the ones they've had to cut off) are perfect to reuse. Designer new born clothes are a huge waste of money, as are pre walking shoes. Sure they look cute, but they'll grow out of them before you yourself are fit enough post birth to show them off to your new mum pals. 

So there you have it a few things to get you started. A drop in the ocean of the baby chaos. As mentioned I will post my sisters infamous baby list soon for all you expectant mummas. Please let us know if you have any questions about the products we have bought. Like I mentioned at the beginning this is all subjective and the useful shit I like to hear whilst trying to understand the new world I am about to enter!!


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