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Bad ass Banana & Nutella loaf

Bad ass Banana & Nutella loaf

I am a self confessed foodie.

- If "foodie" consists of eating, instagramming and rating out of 10.

On a serious note, I am no connoisseur but I do know a good dish when I try one and this is possibly the best combination known to (wo)man. 

The simple yet hugely satisfying Banana & Nutella Loaf. It absolutely counts as one of your five a day and no 'sins' for you weight watcher wankers. (Just jokes, it's full of them).

I love this recipe mainly because 9 times out of 10 you will have all the ingredients in, especially if your children are anything like mine and will refuse the "narna" option for dessert until they are soft and brown and screaming to be smushed into a cake.

All that and the added bonus; it's very hard to get it wrong.

So if your in need of a cake fix, friends are visiting or you just have a spare 30 mins, this should tick all the boxes.



6oz self raising flour

3 eggs

6oz soft stork or similar

6oz caster sugar

2 or 3 bananas (mashed up) and one more for decoration

4 big dollops of Nutella


Mix sugar and stork. Whisk.

Add eggs and whisk.

Add bananas and whisk.

Add flour and whisk.

Add Nutella and stir in with spoon till marbled.

Pour into lined loaf tin or any old cake tin, add last banana to the top of mixture and bake at around 180 until risen and golden. About 30 mins for it still to be a bit gooey in the middle or slightly longer if you like it throughly baked.

To make it extra bad you can choose to top with cream cheese icing. Super simple and absolutely mind blowing.


300g icing sugar

50g unsalted butter

125g cream cheese Philadelphia or similar

Add some more Nutella if you can handle it.


All in one and whisk whisk whisk.


Et voila! 'Narnacake'! Yum yum.


Marbled and gooey

Marbled and gooey

My first pregnancy Yoga class

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