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The Mum Club Featuring Hannah Britten

The Mum Club Featuring Hannah Britten

H A N N A H  B R I T T E N

Mama of 1. Owner of Vivid Hair and Beauty salons and lover of Tom Hardy.

Meet the women behind the brand. 


MY NAME IS … Hannah Britten, I’m 33 and Mummy to the now 4year old Egg (Aka Archie).

I LIVE IN… a 3 bedroom semi in Duston, Northampton, with Egg and My husband of a year, Luke. I genuinely believe my house is a lot bigger than it is, with my shoe obsession and inability to judge the size of furniture.

I FEEL MOST AT HOME… amongst chaos. If I'm in silence, the voices in my head start to tell me wine is in the fridge & my son can indeed fit in a drawer - no one will know right?? But in all seriousness, I am always onto the next challenge and having nothing to work towards is alien to me. I need GOALS. 

I AM A MUM AND… Hannah. I’m not afraid to admit that I need to just be me and not apologize for wanting time off from the titles I now have. I’m a wife, I’m a boss and I also tend to be everyone’s life coach too! I run 3 businesses. I am the owner of two salons, Vivid Hair & Vivid Beauty Northampton. I started Vivid Hair from scratch when 5 months pregnant from my kitchen table. I also now help others start their own home based businesses through the opportunity of network marketing. I moved to Northampton from Hertford 6yrs ago to be with my now husband Luke. I was a Lap dancer back then (Yep, I was SCHEEEEEXY) but a hairdresser by trade. I fell pregnant 11 months into dating Luke and as majestic as Doris (my alter ego) was, no one wants a hippo swinging round a pole, in a glittery thong and thigh high boots.

I LOVE BEING A MUM BECAUSE... I never really had one I could rely on growing up. I wanted to break the cycle and show the world, however shit your start is, it can be changed and you create your own path. I raised myself and I had this shit down! Having Egg just randomly with no prompting tell me he loves me 100000 million squillions (that’s a lot apparently) pretty much makes my god damn day every day!

WOULD YOU HAVE DONE ANYTHING DIFFERENTLY IN YOUR LABOUR… probably not have Luke there! Ha! All jokes aside, the boy was thrown in the deep end at the mere age of 22 years old. My Labour was LOOOOOONG (even if Luke had pinned hope on us being home for Take Me Out, at 4pm Saturday 21stJan 2012… 4cm dilated…… pah! Soz poppet, not today… not today). 10.39am on SUNDAY 22nd Jan 2012 After the trauma of everything going wrong, an emergency epidural, 4pints of blood missing and an emergency op, all 10lb of our son entered the world. Archie Ronald Britten was announced via Facebook, because it’s not real till it’s on Facebook. 

HARDEST PART OF MOTHERHOOD… comparing myself to those tree hugging, birthed under the full moon, with only the help of the gentle chanting of the wind. Everyone bloody does it. And social media is the devil itself for giving us the guilt. Statuses such as, “Nothing more perfect than quality time with my gorgeous kids” BLAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!! FUCK OFF Linda. Perfection is an unlimited credit card in Selfridges, champagne and a foot rub by Tom Hardy. Who are you kidding? But we all fall for it don’t we…..?? Yer, it’s taken me a REALLY long time to realise, 'real' life very much goes on behind the Mayfair filtered family pic of loveliness on IG.

WHAT PHYSICAL OBJECT COULD YOU NOT LIVE WITHOUT ... My iPad. Seriously, how did our parents entertain us at social gatherings, parties, pubs, restaurants, food shopping, bed time, bath time, driving in car and the occasional “Mummy needs to scream in the cupboard for 5 mins” time…… without 4g and an IPad. How??? I salute you, The 5 channels on TV and nursery rhymes on tape cassette Generation! 

YOUR BIGGEST RISK... continuing to work full time. It’s a paradox in itself isn’t it? You work fulltime you’re a shit mum…. You don’t, you’re a lazy one. I need work, my own accomplishments and to be myself. Egg needed nursery, he needs stimulating of an hourly rate and those gems of human being key workers, who can make something amazing out of a loo roll to entertain him on a daily basis are just life savers. In fact, they pretty much raised him at his nursery. These unicorns of women just have the aura of child rearing greatness about them. Unsung heroes of our everyday life!

YOUR BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT... getting the balance right. I’ve managed to build a business that turns over half a million a year, see friends, go away with my husband and being a pretty cool hands on mum. It’s taken, time, tears, rows and laughter but it’s there now. The team is strong in the Britdawg House hold!

YOUR BEST PIECE OF ADVICE… Don’t be afraid to get it wrong. You never lose, you just learn. So try whatever it is you think MIGHT work, say how you feel even if you’re worried of the reaction and don’t be scared to get rid of the negativity in your life. Whether it be people…. Or work…. Or the dead beat Dad.

Personal instagram - @mstylaa 
Vivid Hair Instagram - @vividhairextensions 
Vivid Beauty Instagram -  @vividbeautyx
Website - www.vividhairandbeauty.com


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