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The Mum Club Featuring The 6 Essentials

The Mum Club Featuring The 6 Essentials

Of course when it comes to creating businesses we are BIG fans of mums teaming up with their mates to do so. We are also fans of those that see the need to gift us mumma's. Introducing Alice & Mary founders of The 6 Essentials, the luxury gifting service with gifts we'd actually love to receive!!

OUR NAMES ARE …  Alice and Mary

OUR BRAND IS… The 6 Essentials. A premium gift box and subscription service for expectant and new mothers. We’ve curated six products for each of our 8 boxes, that have been specifically selected to meet women’s pregnancy and postnatal needs- we’re all about the mother.

WE LIVE IN… Sussex and Surrey - we both moved back to our home towns from London when we had our babies.

WE FEEL MOST AT HOME… at our mum’s houses! What age do you stop referring to your parent’s houses as home?! Whatever it is we haven’t reached it yet. There’s something about the comfort of being in the place you grew up and being looked after a bit! Especially when you’re in such unfamiliar territory being a first time mother.

WE ARE MUMS AND…Cousins. Epic procrastinators and candle addicts - (Mary’s house smells DIVINE).

THINGS THAT KEEP US AWAKE AT NIGHT… Children, snoring husbands and the thought of the last muffin sat on the kitchen table…

WHEN I GREW UP I WANTED TO BE… MARY: I wanted to be a midwife but didn’t have the science brain for it. I love babies and cry every time at One Born Every Minute. ALICE: I quite fancied farming until I realised it involved early mornings...then I had a child. Maybe farming would have been easier after all!?

THE FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START OUR BRAND WERE… We spent a lot of time carefully selecting the products for our boxes. It was so important for them to be completely relevant to women during their pregnancy or after baby’s arrived.  We visited baby shows and bought many products to test ourselves (Alice was pregnant during this stage so was the perfect guinea pig!) We wanted our look to be grown up, simple and chic.  As we said we’re all about the mother, so it was important for our brand and the essential products inside our gift boxes to reflect that.

THE HARDEST PART OF MOTHERHOOD IS… Trying to balance starting a new business, being a mother and a wife and of course, the age old, getting enough sleep! Alice decided it would be great to throw quitting her full time job and moving house in the mix too!

THIS KEEPS ME SANE...Prosecco. A lot of it. And each other. We’re lucky enough to be family as well as business partners, and know we’re fortunate to have someone to bounce ideas off at 2am with no judgement.

WE COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT (PHYSICAL OBJECT)... Our phones! For business, capturing precious moments with our family and babies, and obviously it’s also the greatest distraction for grizzly babies!

OUR BIGGEST RISK… Not going back into full time employment. Starting our own business has been the right decision for us and has allowed us to spend more time with our children, but it was a risky callto make. Luckily we have seriously supportive partners and our family and friends have been our biggest champions.

OUR BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT… Getting our business off the ground with two small children in tow. There are days we think we might be crazy, but we have been working on The 6 Essentials for over a year and we really believe in our product so it’s all worth it!

THE BEST PIECE OF ADVICE… “Don’t worry yourself with imaginings” - our grandma used to say it to us and it’s an important reminder that there’s nothing to be gained by worrying about ‘what ifs’.

AND LASTLY A PERSONAL ONE! I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS DIFFERENTLY IN MY LABOUR… MARY: Had more food! I relied on a family size pack of Haribo to get through the 12 hours after my baby was born. Oh and next time no mascara -  I had a water birth and when it was all over it was unclear whether I was panda or person!

ALICE: Hmmm, maybe I'm mad, but I loved my labour. God knows why as I was in hospital for 4 days and it took dynamite to get him out. Perhaps I would have given in and had a bath sooner - it felt so good and eased the contractions when I finally did!

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