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The Mum Club Featuring Little Green Home

The Mum Club Featuring Little Green Home

Ever struggled to find natural, non toxic baby and children products? Well Little green home is an online store that is passionate about finding the best products for your children and your home that are free from potentially harmful ingredients. We caught up with Gwyneth, founder of this wonderful site to find out a little bit more about the women behind the brand..


MY NAME IS …  Gwyneth Archer

 MY BRAND IS… Little Green Home (www.littlegreenhome.co.uk)

 I LIVE IN… London

 I FEEL MOST AT HOME… at home! My husband and I have just finished a big renovation project on our house and so have been living with family since my son was born 2 years ago so it’s just such an amazing feeling to finally be living in our house all together!

 I AM A MUM AND… a wife, a sister, a daughter, a friend, an entrepreneur, a nutritional therapist and a worrier!

 THINGS THAT KEEP ME AWAKE AT NIGHT… everything! But mainly at the moment panicking that I’m going into labour and still haven’t packed my hospital bag (I’m currently 37 weeks pregnant with our second baby). Donald Trump being elected president has also kept me up quite a bit this week!

 WHEN I GREW UP I WANTED TO BE… A show jumper. I was horse mad as a child, although living in central London the closest I get to that world now is reading Jilly Cooper!

 MY FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START MY BRAND WHERE… moaning about hard it was to find good quality, effective organic and natural products for our kids with my old school friend and co-founder Kate. We had many a play date rant about why there weren’t better shopping options for these products for Mum’s like us before we decided to take matters into our own hands! 

 THE HARDEST PART OF MOTHERHOOD IS… Trying to be a more patient and calm person than I am naturally! Trying to be a Mum, run a business, renovate a house along with being pregnant means your time is very stretched and so when my little boy is demanding to be carried everywhere or having a tantrum because he’s not been allowed toast for the 6th meal in a row or he hates the jumper I’ve put him in, it’s hard not to totally lose it! I do try and be patient with him, although I don’t always succeed!

 THIS KEEPS ME SANE… Exercise! I’m a big fan of boxing, yoga, spin and barre classes and try to make some time during the week to get to my favourite classes. It can be hard to carve out that time away from my son and work but I always leave feeling refreshed, calmer and more focused and find when I don’t exercise I don’t sleep as well and am generally a more irritable person! Taking time for yourself is always hard as a Mum but I really believe that self-care is so important in keeping your sanity and being the best Mum you can be. 

 I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT (PHYSICAL OBJECT)… Embarrassingly it’s probably my phone! In my defence I do a lot of work (especially emailing) on the go but I am also a big Instagrammer… *shameface* I also couldn’t live without my Life Factory glass water bottle, I always have it with me as my son also loves drinking from it so we’ve always got some water with us and don’t have to rely on expensive, nasty plastic bottles!

 MY BIGGEST RISK… Probably starting Little Green Home. I’d only just had a baby and just prior to having my son I’d qualified as Nutritional Therapist and the plan was to concentrate on that post-baby, however, Little Green Home quickly became my focus and passion. It felt like quite a leap to go from nutrition to running an online business but I can safely say I’m loving every minute of it, despite it’s challenges!

 MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT… Little Green Home! It’s been a huge challenge, especially as my partner and I have both (at various times during setting up the business) moved house, been pregnant and in Kate’s case, given birth, whilst also trying to juggle being a Mum but we’re thrilled with the reception we’ve had so far and are both so passionate about sourcing the best organic and natural baby, children and home products available globally and bringing them to families in the UK and Europe. We have big plans for the brand and are so excited for it’s future!

 MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE… To just go for things, even if they scare you! I’m as guilty as the next person for over-thinking things and dithering over every decision but the best piece of advice I ever got was that if something ignites your passion or you can’t stop thinking about it then the thing to do is to just start and go for it. Things are unlikely to be perfect straight off the bat but best to just get going and adjust/correct as you go. This has been particularly true with Little Green Home, as mentioned circumstances weren’t ideal when we started and there were loads of things we felt weren’t ‘perfect’ but just getting the site live and putting the brand out there was more important than everything being just so. And also, there will never be a perfect time!  

 AND LASTLY A PERSONAL ONE! I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS DIFFERENTLY IN MY LABOUR… My labour went pretty quickly and I’d already been told by plenty of friends who’d been there before not to get too hung up on the “perfect” birth, so despite there being some hairy moments there’s nothing I would have done differently as I ended up with a beautiful, healthy baby boy! What I would have done differently (and am planning to this time around!) is to be kinder to myself in the weeks after giving birth. I was so blindsided by the massive changes to my life, mainly my loss of freedom and being mainly in the house feeding a baby that I drove myself mad trying to be the perfect hostess for guests, getting up early to do my hair and make-up etc and trying to get back to normal (even though in normal life I live in joggers at home, rarely wear make-up and guests are lucky to get a cup of tea!) This time around I’m planning to be more relaxed, spend more time in comfy clothes on the sofa and only going out to the park with my son etc. Giving birth is massively physically draining and it’s so important as a new Mum to have plenty of rest and take all the help on offer from friends and family.

Website: www.littlegreenhome.co.uk


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