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The Mum Club Featuring Tui B

The Mum Club Featuring Tui B


Tui B is an online store selling baby and toddler apparel from across the globe. From gorgeous monochrome baby grows, to a walrus on a bike they have it all. We spoke to Emma to find out a little bit more about the women BEHIND THE BRAND...


MY NAME IS…Emma Windle co founder of Tui B

I LIVE IN…Northampton with giant man baby called James who is my partner in life and Tui B

I FEEL MOST AT HOME…I probably feel most at home surrounded by friends with a drink in my hand. But true home is the South of New Zealand where we left five years ago to embark on a trip to travel across the globe for an adventure.

I WANTED TO BE WHEN I GREW UP… A fashion designer. All my friends growing up wanted to be a vets or work in a zoo and I was always the odd one out, hoping for a career in fashion. This is what led me to sourcing uniques clothes from all over the globe for tiny fashionistas. 

IF I COULD BE ANYWHERE RIGHT NOW…I would be lying in the sun on the beach in bali with a cocktail in my hand and huge fresh seafood platter…dribble. 

RIGHT NOW I AM…In Virgin Active Cafe Contemplating my 9:30 spin class fuelling myself with an Americano.

I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT (PHYSICAL OBJECT)… My vibrator…JOKE. My iPhone, i feel lost without it, I run my business and with the huge time difference back home it makes life easier to send a message or picture to mum whenever possible.  

YOUR BIGGEST RISK… Probably moving to the other side of the world. leaving a stable job as an account all my family and friends to travel as far away as possible and dive into the unknown. But it has to be the best experience I have had so far.  

MY FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START MY BRAND WHERE…After coming up with the idea of Tui B I had a lot of different questions floating around in my head. How would the website be created? What clothing brands do I want to stock?  What will the Tui B brand look like?  How do I complete business registration and set up? I worked my way through each question - Google was very helpful! But the best help  was talking to people who had set up small businesses before. No point reinventing the wheel! 

THIS INSPIRED ME TO START MY OWN BRAND...I have always been inspired by the small boutique stores back in New Zealand. They always have something a bit different to offer and it's nice to own something that you aren't going to see three of walking down the street. With that in mind and the fact that I had always wanted my own business I came up with the idea of Tui B. I love that I can offer something different and unique! 

YOUR BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT…Creating Tui B from an idea in the car on the way back from the Cotswolds and I started having conversations with people and after a lot of perseverance everything began to fall into place.

YOUR BEST PIECE OF ADVICE…Don’t die with dreams, Die with memories. if you have a dream why not give it ago, Its better to fail than sit thinking what if.

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The Mum Club Featuring Acorn & Pip

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