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The Mum Club Featuring Top Five Baby

The Mum Club Featuring Top Five Baby

We love TOP FIVE BABY and use it religiously. It is the perfect site if you are becoming a parent or if you are already parents but are about to invest in some new baby equipment. Top five reviews products, making the process of buying baby kit SO much easier. It is so difficult to find a non-bias review and these guys take away that hassle for you. We had the pleasure of interviewing the lovely Jenny Walker, founder of this ingenious site.

MY NAME IS …  Jenny Walker

MY BRAND IS… www.topfivebaby.com 

I LIVE IN… North Derbyshire, just outside of a small village called Baslow.

I FEEL MOST AT HOME… At home! My husband and I work from home together and although I had my doubts whether this would work, it is great 99% of the time. We used to live in North London in busy jobs which we enjoyed while we didn't have children but knew that it wasn't right for us to be there long term as a family. 

I AM A MUM AND… a wife, a relentless grower of babies (four in six years!), a chef, a hair stylist, a dental hygienist, a bum wiper, a clothes changer, a taxi driver and (hopefully) a smiley face who will take a hug any time of day from my babies. 

THINGS THAT KEEP ME AWAKE AT NIGHT… the fourth baby I'm currently growing. Not too long now though, she'll be here around Christmas time (or Chrisfus if you ask our two year old when her new baby sister is coming).  

WHEN I GREW UP I WANTED TO BE… a graphic designer, but realised I probably wasn't any good at that and ended up as an employment lawyer before becoming a mum. I still have lots of ideas about what I might want to be when I grow up. 

MY FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START MY BRAND WERE... lots and lots of research on the products we feature on Top Five Baby. My husband Michael built the site and all the while I was reviewing products and compiling short lists of what we wanted to feature. 

THE HARDEST PART OF MOTHERHOOD IS… being the best person you can be as much as possible. I hate myself when I'm even a tiny bit grumpy with my girls but know that being perfect is an impossibility. 

THIS KEEPS ME SANE... when I'm not pregnant, I enjoy running. I always, annoyingly have to force myself out of the front door but am glad every time I do. The countryside around where I live is stunningly beautiful and I miss not getting out for a run at the moment. 

I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT (PHYSICAL OBJECT)... my bed, especially given that I'm so heavily pregnant. 

MY BIGGEST RISK... probably my most recent pregnancies. Our second child, a little boy called Elliott, died aged 10 days of a rare genetic condition. We were initially assured that the risk was very low for any other children and even smaller for girls, but the genetics team slightly changed their position on this after our third baby. We don't know that this fourth baby will be perfectly healthy but we hope every day that she'll be ok. 

MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT... giving birth to and raising my children, I love them to bits. This obviously includes our little boy, and in seeking to keep his memory alive and in helping with grieving we have done a lot of fundraising and incredible things in his memory for Great Ormond Street Hospital where he was treated (www.justgiving.com/elliottjosephwalkerbff

MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE… do all the things you know you want to do before you have children. But if all you really want to do is try and have babies then do that and you can try and fit in the other stuff around them or just accept that you might not and be ok with that. 

I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS DIFFERENTLY IN MY LABOUR… all my labours have been different, and slightly out of my control (all inductions). If I had a choice, I would love to give birth in a pool but it has not happened due to the need for constant medical baby monitoring. Maybe this time round, but I doubt it! 




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