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The Mum Club Featuring Toastie Pig

The Mum Club Featuring Toastie Pig

Toastie Pig is a fabulously chic and stylish children's brand providing hats and sheepskin booties for your little ones that are not only beautiful, but soft too. We love that they are big into supporting British craftsmanship and we have no doubt that once you click on their page there will be no going back. 

 MY NAME IS... Kirstie Duke

MY BRAND IS... Toastie Pig

I LIVE IN... Clapham, London, fringing on the wonderful wide open space of Battersea Park and the beautiful wine bars and businesses of Clapham.

I FEEL MOST AT HOME… Wrapped up in front of a wood-burning stove in the Cotswolds.  I’m a Toastie Pig through and through.

I AM A BRAND OWNER AND... A relentless terrier! I am so determined as a person, always optimistic and thriving on a natural passion to get things done. 

THINGS THAT KEEP ME AWAKE AT NIGHT... Other than the delightful 4am airplanes overhead ...I fear of dropping the ball and not making Toastie Pig the huge success it deserves to be, for all of us involved. I guess when you have some many ‘spinning plates’ you can’t help but wake up in a mad panic that you’ve forgotten to do something! I have to coax myself back to sleep because really 3am is not the time to address these things.

I WANTED TO BE WHEN I GREW UP... An explorer! Growing up in rural Scotland in the dramatic highlands was always an adventure, and I loved spending time with my family out in the wild, jumping across rivers, climbing mountains and battling the weather. It was always a treat to get home to the cosy fire though and a hot chocolate, which has probably inspired Toastie Pig more than the hiking.

MY FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START MY BRAND WERE... Having confidence in what my business partner and I wanted to do, and faith in each other. We had a beautiful product, concept and branding and believing in it wholeheartedly was key. We took it one step at a time understanding the steps from concept to fruition, learning what we were both contributing in terms of experience and ideas, and letting our natural compatibility work out.

THIS KEEPS ME SANE... I have always needed a little more in life, I’m always chasing the next rainbow. It sounds so cliché but we seriously only live once so you have to live it to the max and achieve as much as humanly possible. I get a huge kick out of doing something for myself and hearing how loved our product is just makes everything worthwhile.

THIS INSPIRED ME TO START MY OWN BRAND... I saw a gap in the market for newborn and toddlers hats and wanted to create a range of hats that are at once functional, stylish and beautifully soft for the bambinos of this world. Seeing something I have created eventually on the head of a toastie baby makes me so happy – we did that!

I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT (PHYSICAL OBJECT)... My bath tub. I love to wallow. 

MY BIGGEST RISK... Jumping headfirst into the unknown world of Toastie Pig. It was a big step to take that leap, backing and believing in our dream, and everything that came with actually DOING it. And I’m so glad we did, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT... Was finally launching. Our hats are mainly hand-knit and getting to a stage where we were meeting supply and demand felt like a huge accomplishment. Our knitters are absolute heroes! 

MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE... Don't be afraid of failing. If you never try you will spend your life wondering what if... You’ll never regret trying, and you always learn from your mistakes to make your next venture even bigger and better.

I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS DIFFERENTLY... Oh, hindsight! I would have stressed a lot less over the little things and always stayed focused on the bigger picture. We beat ourselves up over small fails but really we should give ourselves more credit for where Toastie Pig is today. It’s like planning a wedding, all the small details take up so much time but you really just need to focus on why you’re doing this, who it’s for and look after the people who are supporting you most. Having achieved so much in year one, it’s great to look back on our progress and try keeping to this mantra for year two…


Website: www.toastiepig.com

Instagram: @toastie_pig

Facebook: Toastiepig Ltd

Twitter: @ToastiePig


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