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The Mum Club Featuring The Nursery Edit

The Mum Club Featuring The Nursery Edit

People say that when you have a kid nothing changes.. those people don't have children. Firstly your house is slowly taken over by the cast of RAINBOW. Very colour, every where. So when we were introduced to the beautiful Meg, who has recently launched a very cool, social lifestyle store showcasing modern nursery decor for family homes we jumped at the chance of chatting with her. We want monochrome everything please! 

MY NAME IS …  Meg Ward

 MY BRAND IS… The Nursery Edit

 CAN YOU DESCRIBE IT IN ONE SENTENCE… A beautifully cool, social lifestyle store showcasing modern nursery décor for family homes. 

I FEEL MOST AT HOME… At the weekend, having brunch as a family in our PJs. Although this is a messy affair now as our daughter is 11 months old!

I AM A MUM AND… girlfriend, life juggler, shoe collector, design lover who takes photos of EVERYTHING! 

BIGGEST CHALLENGE YOU HAVE FACED AND HOW DID YOU OVERCOME IT… Setting up The Nursery Edit with a young baby. In some ways it was one of the easiest things as I when you are passionate about something, it comes easier. However, when you have a young baby, you’re sleep deprived and trying to build a website it involves many late nights/early mornings, feeding during meetings and pure enthusiasm to get you through. Coffee also helps. 

WHEN I GREW UP I WANTED TO BE… Probably a mermaid or in marketing, both quite different!

MY FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START MY BRAND WHERE…  Research research, research. This involved going to trade shows and events to meet people in the industry and learn as much as I could. I started my business soon after having my daughter, Marlowe, as I really struggled to find well made, modern baby items and products that were practical and fitted into our design conscious family home. We didn’t want a house full of plastic when we had spent time and thought into the rest of the décor. After discovering there was a real lack for this exact formula, I decided to do it myself and The Nursery Edit was born. 

 HOW DID YOU FUND YOUR START UP… I begged, borrowed…no stealing involved though. It was important for me to do as much of the work as possible myself and then call in experts and spend the money where it was most beneficial. I was able to do the majority of the work myself and learnt so many new skills along the way. 

 HOW DO YOU WORK AROUND YOUR CHILDREN… At first, it was easier as she took more daytime naps and enjoyed her Baby Gym so I could sneak in work throughout the day. Now, it’s a different story and I find it’s important to try and switch off during the day from work as much as possible, that time is for my daughter. When she’s asleep I am able to progress with work. It’s important not to try to do both at the same time as I found things would only get finished to a ‘tick off’ standard and I like to ‘tick them off and put a bow on top’.

 THIS KEEPS ME SANE…My partner Josh, coffee and organisation. I’m a stickler for stationary!

 I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT (PHYSICAL OBJECT)…My phone (bad I know!) and also our Misioo Ball Pit as my daughter literally spends most of the day playing in it. 

 MY BIGGEST RISK… Setting up my business knowing how hard it would be with a little baby, it’s a risk I enjoyed taking though. 

 MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT… My daughter, every time. She was an PGD IVF baby so the process took a long time, it was hard and exhausting but when she arrived it was the best feeling ever. 

 MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE… Nothing ventured nothing gained. It’s cliche but if you’re not a little bit scared by what you are doing, then you aren’t putting enough into it. Also, listen to people’s advise (but not the doubters) and keep learning. It’s ok to ask for help, people are kind and almost always willing to help you! A smile and good lipstick will always make you feel good and stand out in a room full of people. Sorry there’s a few there!

 PLANS FOR THE FUTURE… To follow our dreams..!




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The Mum Club Featuring Delicious Monster Tea

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