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The Mum Club Featuring Sacco Beauty

The Mum Club Featuring Sacco Beauty

Ever wondered what it would be like to set up your own successful business with your sister, whilst you successfully born and raised 3 children? Meet Becky; one of the hardest working women we know, she has managed to concur the work/life balance with her family values up among the gods and is now a successful co-owner of a thriving beauty salon in her home town Bath.  

MY NAME IS: My name is Rebecca Banahan, my brand is Sacco beauty (www.saccobeauty.com) and i live in the beautiful city of bath as i have done all my life. In bath i life with my 2 dogs 3 kids and my wonderful husband.

I FEEL MOST AT HOME WHEN: At home chilling with my kids running riot and more than likely with people round my house having a chin wag whilst the boys are watching sport or letting the kids burn off some energy with their friends in the garden.

I AM A MUM AND: a wife and a salon owner. I live at 100mph 

WHAT KEEPS YOU AWAKE AT NIGHT: I have the busiest mind and find it incredibly hard to switch off especially at night as i definitely take on more than is physically and mentally possible at times. I normally lie awake questioning what i can switch/ juggle to make the week ahead work, as i usually have over committed myself most weeks. I am also like most people addicted to my phone, as always checking certain social media apps and i love a good look at pin-trest or any design pictures/ideas sites. My husband regularly wakes up and looks up at my with a 'what the hell are you doing face'.

WHEN I GREW UP I WANTED TO BE: A air hostess, as i thought it was so glamourous and you got to travel and see the world. Being older and wiser i really cant think of a job i would want to do less now.

MY FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START MY BRAND WERE: When I was 21 I had been working in the beauty industry for 3 years, i had worked incredibly hard and had decided it was time to start my own business Sacco beauty. At this time i was living at home with my parents and luckily didn't have to pay rent so felt the right time giving up my job to do my own thing. My parents have always been very motivating as my dad has owned his own business my whole life he was a great role model.

THE HARDEST PART OF MOTHERHOOD: Is the constant guilt are you doing it right ? have you made the best choices for your children ? should you do it differently ? i just want my kids to be happy and confident, i want to install and teach good morals in them. I am very passionate about my business and push for growth and success, trying to balance putting enough time and love into both without feeling either are being sacrificed and this sometimes feels impossible but my kids come first no mater what. I am incredibly lucky that my business partner is so understanding and accommodating as that helps make all this possible.

I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT: My mobile phone it is my life line, my whole diary is on it and more importantly i am severely dyslexic and can't retain numbers so embarrassingly don't even know my husbands number off the top of my head, so couldn't contact anyone without it plus i bloody love instagram and pin-trest what would do without it.

MY BIGGEST RISK: I am a bit boring and sensible and therefore don't like taking risks unless i back myself and think that i can make it work, biggest financial risk was probably buying a handful of expensive beauty machines, i believed in them and thankfully they are a big hit at work. I am a strong believer if you believe it will happen you will make it happen.

MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT: Is being a mother of 3 and happily married and owning my own business, i am so incredibly proud of my beautiful family and my business partner (my sister). Its hard at times getting the right balance but so rewarding watching my family and business grow as its incredible.

MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE: You can achieve anything you want if you work hard enough and believe in yourself. My motto for life is 'health is wealth'.

I WOULD HAVE DONE THIS DIFFERENTLY IN MY LABOUR: Not much i would have done differently as i ended in 3 c-sections but i know i did my best when i was in labour, my biggest mess up was choosing a 6ft 7 husband when i am only 5ft 2. Its fair to say my 3 babies being so long (2ft at birth) i was so big during pregnancy i regularly measured 8-10 weeks ahead HUGE !!!!!!!!


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