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The Mum Club Featuring Rainy City Kids

The Mum Club Featuring Rainy City Kids

It's January, it's cold, it's wet and we need some inspiration to entertain our kids. ENTER RAINY CITY KIDS. A fabulous website (based in Manny- sorry southerners!) that hosts a fun filled guide of things to do to entertain your kids. There is just something so great about someone else doing the research for you, trial, erroring and simplifying things so all you need to do is trust, plan and go for it! We are big fans of these two mummas.  

OUR NAMES ARE…  Lucy and Hazel.

OUR BRAND IS… Rainy City Kids, a what's-on website for families in Manchester and the Northwest. We cover cinema clubs, parks, walks, to child-friendly restaurants and cafes, shops and museums and anything else that makes being a mum or dad easier and more fun. We want to support and collaborate with the wonderful community we live in.

WE LIVE IN… Manchester - the rainy city!

WE FEEL MOST AT HOME… H: House trousers and oversized knitwear L: Oh yeah, definitely need my comfies more than ever. Only they are becoming increasingly bizarre as my son gets older. So I might be at home wearing leggings and an old shirt... and carrying a handbag because I'm being a Tellytubby or wearing cat ears or covered in a mystery substance that I hope is mashed banana. Or all three. The postman loves me.

WE ARE MUMS AND… H: Friends! L: I'm glad Hazel is still friends with me after realising what a grammar dork I am (though we still manage to make loads of mistakes between us).


H: My 11-month-old daughter... yes she still wakes hourly (and that's a good night), thankfully for her she is bloody cute!

L: I used to suffer from insomnia but having all your sleep stolen from you is a surprising cure for that - you never give up the chance to sleep again.


H; Paleantologist and Olympic gymnast. Always had a bit of hankering to write a book.

L: I've still not decided, which is my eternal curse.


H: I worked  in clinical research which I loved for a long time, but I travelled a lot and was incredibly busy. Now that I have young children I don't want to be away from home as much. It suddenly felt like the right time to be doing something more creative that I could fit easily around my family.

L: The impetus behind Rainy City Kids is to help out other parents in the way we would have liked in the early days (when you are too tired to think) with ideas of where to go and fun things to do with the kids. We are slowly but surely building up a guide to Manchester - whether your thing is getting cultural, doing stuff outdoors or you are just looking for a really nice cafe, we have something for you. 


H: If you know us you will know that we are both master procrastinators! We actually had the idea for Rainy City Kids a couple of years ago, and bought the domain a year ago now. But we just put off and put off starting it until last September, but then when we did it was like opening a floodgate - we had so many ideas to share! Once we started writing (over a glass of sauvignon blanc or two), and because there was two of us, we spurred each other along. We wanted to make sure we were truly committed before really dived in, but when we did we realised we absolutely love doing Rainy City Kids and we are both really excited for what 2017 will bring!


H: The guilt associated with taking time for yourself (self-inflicted obviously)

L: I cry all the time. My husband teases me about it and has tried to ban me from watching the news but you are just so sensitive to the state of the world and all the awful things in it - it just breaks your heart.


H: Exercise and Grandma (who will baby sit at the drop of a hat and never complains).  

L: I don't know really. Perhaps that's why I cry so much! No it's definitely friends and having your own projects to work on.


H: This is a tough one, there's not much I can't do without, but my wellies are pretty indespensable for my daily dog walk. 

L: I take it 'physical object' doesn't include husband or baby? Then my bed I think, despite not spending as much time in it as I'd like.


L: I think we may be about to take it! We've been running the site in our spare time while working and studying, but as I'm about to finish my PhD and Hazel has quit her job, we are going to invest in expanding the website with an events calendar and really get into providing the best free guide to mums' groups, regular classes and events there is, as well as keeping our reviews and recommendations that are all written straight from the heart. We are aiming to be very thorough but also very personal at the same time. 


L: I hope I'm not going to sound too hippy here, but I don't really think there is such as thing as a biggest accomplishment. All accomplishments flow into the other ones - so I guess that makes my biggest accomplishment just being me and being alive and having a son whom I adore beyond words - that's is the sum total of all my accomplishments. Nothing else compares to that.

H: I was already stumped and then I read Lucy's answer... I'm not sure I can better that.

OUR BEST PIECE OF ADVICE… H: Stop procrastinating!

AND LASTLY A PERSONAL ONE! WE WOULD HAVE DONE THIS DIFFERENTLY IN OUR LABOURS… H: Packed a more tasteful hospital bag... honestly the first pictures of my baby boy and I still think, what was I wearing! Some massive T-Shirt with a parrot on it, what was I thinking! Obviously if it had been about 48 hours shorter would have been good too!

L: I'm the opposite - mine was short, only four hours, which people think must have been a breeze, but if you think it's a whole labour packed into much less time... well it was a bit traumatic. But you can't change nature so I'm going to say I wouldn't have let my husband eat all the buttery, paper-thin NHS toast you get afterwards. And I wouldn't have stayed up all the next night just looking at my baby, if I'd known I wasn't going to get another full night of sleep for two years. Sleep while you can!




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