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The Mum Club Featuring Ministylin

The Mum Club Featuring Ministylin

Shopping for unique, cool kids clothes can be tricky. Unless you have all the time on your hands to trawl through the highstreet and search hard for selected items it can be a world of  baby blue for boys and dusty pink for girls. That is why we love Ministylin. A 'bold, fresh, forwarding thinking kidswear site' that pulls together carefully selected brands with modern designs and excellent quality. We were lucky enough to speak to Anjeli, the founder to find our more about her reasoning for starting such an exciting, modern children's brand. 

MY NAME IS …  Anjeli

MY BRAND IS… Ministylin

I LIVE IN… Manchester with my fiancé Paul and 9-year-old son Maddex.

I FEEL MOST AT HOME… I’m fortunate enough to have the best circle of friends and family so I feel most at home when we’re all together with the kids, great food and good wine just chatting and laughing. I equally also love it when it’s just me and my boys, spending time with Paul and Maddex is always fun and we all have such a close bond.

I AM A MUM AND… as well as a business owner for Ministylin which started in July2016, at the time I was also working full time which I’m still doing! So, by day I’m Head of Marketing at fast fashion footwear brand EGO and by night and every weekend I manage Ministylin. And occasionally I sleep, but that’s a very rare thing! However, I’m so lucky that Maddex is at an age where he can get himself ready in the morning, tidy his room and can even help out with Ministylin so it’s definitely a family business through and through.

THINGS THAT KEEP ME AWAKE AT NIGHT… not being able to sleep! Plus, all of the things I need to do, people I need to call, lists I need to make! The list goes on!!!

WHEN I GREW UP I WANTED TO BE…a Vet, I absolutely loved animals and visiting farms but over the years I developed a fear of needles, blood and am still squeamish so that dream didn’t last long!

MY FIRST STEPS TAKEN TO START MY BRAND WERE...researching the market, looking for cool curated brands, following others mums on social media and looking at how they were styling their kids, reading what they wanted as well as talking to other mums and learning where they felt there was a product gap in the market.

THE HARDEST PART OF MOTHERHOOD IS…knowing whether you’re doing a good job. I’m constantly being pulled in a million different directions in my day-job, running Ministylin and with trying to be a good fiancé and mother. So, I’m constantly questioning whether I’m spinning a few too many plates and whether it’s actually worth it, but then I think about how Maddex says to me how he wants to work hard and run his own business and I’ve started to sense a massive confidence change in him as well as ambition. This makes it all worthwhile indeed.

THIS KEEPS ME SANE...my friends and family! No matter how tough things get I know I can turn to Paul or my friends or even to Maddex for words of wisdom and advice. It’s amazing how much a 9-year old’s perspective can make you think that little bit differently about life in such a positive way.

I COULD NOT LIVE WITHOUT (PHYSICAL OBJECT) ...My car! I’m constantly on the go with the school run, my day job, post office runs for Ministylin orders. Plus, Maddex is a keen sports fan so he’s at tennis, football and rugby clubs on a weekly basis! Without my car, I wouldn’t be able to juggle all of the above!!!

MY BIGGEST RISK...starting Ministylin! Launching it whilst working full time in a high-pressured role I didn’t know how it would work, but I knew I just had to give it a go. Luckily my bosses were amazing and have supported me throughout and continue to do so! I also have the most amazing fiancé who has taken on all the domestic roles in the house so when I come in from work I can get right back to Ministylin business!

MY BIGGEST ACCOMPLISHMENT...Being a Mum! I’ve won awards and achieved great things in my career          but being a mum and having such a great polite, funny and ambitious child is my biggest accomplishment.

MY BEST PIECE OF ADVICE…Just go for it, life’s too short to do nothing about achieving your dreams!  




Instagram www.instagram.com/ministylin

Facebook www.facebook.com/Ministylin

Twitter  http://www.twitter.com/ministylin



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